Best Short Pool Cues

Short Pool Cues

Short pool cues are for playing in tight spaces and are most commonly used and best for kids and teenagers. They are also used by short people. For playing in tight spaces, intermediate and pro players will have to make up for whatever a short pool cue lacks with skills. By what they lack, we mean weight and balance.

For kids and teenagers, the above may not be a problem because a cue that is perfect for their height and weighty for their age, will do the job just fine. Many of these pool cues are in the 36 inches range and are often called Shorty Pool Cues. We will be looking at 6 best short pool cues for kids/youths and for playing in tight spaces.

Not all of them are especially created for kids but many are tailored to their needs. Except your pool table is in a really tight spot, you might not have to use these often. Short pool cues can be used interchangeably with regular pool cues during play. You can simply switch to a shorter cue stick when you are at a tight spot and revert to your regular cue when playing from a more spacious end of the table. 

Note that the cues on this list are the best short pool cues for buyers on a budget. Not every one of them are shorty pool cues 36” in length but they are all shorter than regular pool cues.

If you want to get a pool cue for starters for your kids or as a gift for any of your relatives’ or friend’s kid, this is an affordable and durable option. It is a 36-inch long wooden stick with promises of a 13mm hard leather tip for strong shots. 

We noticed though that the tips were purely wood with some varnish. This one-piece stick comes as a pair and is easy to carry around as a result of its size. Its package weighs about 0.68 kg with the sticks having dimensions 36.22 x 1.57 x 1.18 inches.

For kids, it is very accurate and allows them to play with their feet on the ground. Although it will work just fine in tight spaces, when used by adults, they might find its tip a little too hard and it also warps easily which is its major downside.

For kids who are beginners, the hard tip helps them with sinking more accurate shots, making up for what they lack in skill. It is a great choice if you are on the lookout for cheap pool cues that are giftable.


  • Great in tight spaces
  • Fit for kids
  • Nice, durable wood
  • Cheap
  • Giftable 


  • Its tip is not durable, warps easily
  • Can’t take chalk

If you do not want a super short cue like the 36-inch cues, this is a viable pick. Shorter than the normal 56-58” pool cues, the short 42” 2-piece Iszy pool cue comes in a black and brown design with steel joints. It is made of hardwood Canadian maple which makes it a durable option. With a 13mm fiber ferrule with glue-on tips and an irish linen wrap, it is a great short cue for cramped places. Its tips are durable and take time to warp while the Irish linen wrap allows a firm grip on the stick. It features a pin size of 5/16 x 18. It is easy to handle and allows you to take close-quarter shots with ease.

Although short, it weighs almost as much as a full length cue which makes them feel just perfect and well balanced. It is not weight-adjustable. You simply get a 42-inch, 17-ounce cue stick. They come very straight. It weighs 17 ounces and has dimensions of 42.4 x 3.25 x 1.35 inches. It is a great stick for beginners since it is balanced and durable.

They can be used interchangeably with your normal pool cues. At least, that was how we used it. When playing from the longer sides of the table by a wall, we switched temporarily to using it and returned to using the longer cues where there was more space. But, should you fall in love with it like we did, it can become your regular cue. Being a two-piece stick, it is easy to carry around and great fro players on the move.


  • Feels like a regular-sized cue weight-wise
  • Good tips
  • 2-piece
  • Looks fancy
  • Great for cramped spaces


  • It is not weight-adjustable

This one-piece pool cue is made from Canadian Maple which makes it a durable option for both kids and adults. It is available in various sizes shorter than the regular cue sticks. You can get it in 36” 12oz, 42” 14 oz, and 48” 15 oz. If you love things in ombre shades, this stick will make you happy with its brown and cream combo design.

It features a 12mm glue-on multi-layer leather tip and a high density ferrule for spot-on shots. The leather tips are pretty long-lasting depending on how hard you play and how often they are used. 

We took suggestions from a prior buyer and scuffed the tip a little to see if it would hold chalk better and it did. But, should they wear out, they can be easily replaced. To prevent warping and fading, it features many layers of high gloss varnish finish that also gives it a smooth yet firm feel. 

It also has the regular-sized stick weighing 20 0z and 58” in length but it won’t work for tight spaces and will be too long for kids. We used the 42” and 48” on a bumper table and they worked just fine.

One extra feature that makes this one of the best short pool cues is the weight bolt at the rear end of the cue, close to the rubber bumper. It makes it a more balanced cue for delivering hits right. The shortest of them all, the 36” cue, has dimensions 36 x 1 x 1 inches.


  • Comes with a weight bolt for more balance
  • Comes in different shorter sizes
  • Good leather tip
  • Made from Canadian Maple


  • Tip might need scuffing to hold chalk well

This is a cue stick solely made with kids in mind. So, if your child has issues playing with a longer stick, it’s time to consider getting one tailored to his or her needs and Lemon Home provides just that at the most affordable prices. It comes as a pair of sticks, 36 inches in length with 11mm tips. For adults, this tip diameter might be too small since 12.75mm tips are the best. But, for temporary play at a tight end, it will work, maybe not just as you would love.

The stick is made from dense Canadian poplar while its tip is made from African buffalo leather which increases friction and is durable. They are fairly straight and have a nice finish.

One downside to them is that they are very light weight but for kids, they more likely will feel just right. Adults will have to be in more control  and use more power and skill to handle this. Being very short though, they do not disappoint in tight spaces.


  • Cheap
  • Giftable
  • Comes as a pair
  • Created with kids in mind


  • Tip diameter is small
  • Very light weight

This is another cue stick created with kids in mind. It comes in four catchy colors with patterns that make them absolutely appealing to younger ones, especially the colorful firework and “BOOM” graphics. It is made from kiln-dried eucalyptus hardwood, has a hardwood shaft, and comes fully painted. It also features a black ABS joint with a steel screw, a rubber bumper, high quality ferrule, and a 12mm leather tip. The tip didn’t take chalk really well and if used by an adult who plays regularly, it will wear out really fast.

For kids who just play for fun from time to time, it will last a while. It is also lightweight and pretty straight which allows it to lay flat on the table. It is easy to carry around and weighs 10oz with dimensions 32.09 x 2.36 x 2.17 inches.


  • Created with kids in mind
  • Features an ABS joint
  • Has colorful graphics
  • Nice wood


  • Tip wears out really fast from regular play

Looking for a two-piece cue for your kid? This is it! The Viper Junior is the best short pool cues for great pool play for kids on our list. It comes with an ABS joint, nylon with graphics wrap, and offers 6 beautiful and colorful designs to choose from. It features a 13mm Le Pro leather tip which gives a solid grip on the ball and allows shots with very little miscues. 

It also comes with a pro taper that gives a consistent and comfortable feel. Its nylon wrap is not only beautiful in its various designs but it helps reduce tension and allows for a firm grip. Made from hard Canadian maple wood, it will last long without warping.

It features several stainless steel rings along the forearm and sleeve which makes it even more unique. Weighing 16 ounces with a length of 48 inches, it works great in tight spaces and for younger players who do not want something too weighty.

As a two-piece cue, it is easy to transport. As such, it is a great cue for young players on the go. A friend who is 5 feet 2 inches in height used this and commented that it felt just right and well balanced in his hands. So for heights a few inches less or more than that, this should work just right for adults.


  • Super cute
  • Works well in tight spaces
  • Straight
  • Two-piece 


  • Adults might find this too light

Wrap Up

We hope you find this list of the best short pool cues helpful. They are affordable, tailored to the needs of kids, and great for use in tight spaces. If you own a bar that has a bumper table, any of these pool cues will work to further help give a great experience when playing without much consideration for the small space or table. The colorful cues purely designed for kids make them great as gifts and will last as long as they are used carefully and not too often.

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