Best Pool Cue Cases For 2023 – Our Top Picks May Surprise You

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TL;DR – These are the Best Pool Cue Cases of 2023

A pool cue case is not just for professionals. As long as you have a cue stick, you must protect it, and a cue case does that for you.

A cue case is essential to maintain and protect your cues or want to feel like a professional at the table. They often come as soft, hard, or box cases.

While there are popular pool case brands that claim to offer quality, we looked beyond popularity and brand name recognition for this list (aside from the Lucasi of course, as that was our top pick overall)

After sampling some billiard cue cases, we have compiled a list of the five best cases you can trust with your pool cues.

Before making these recommendations, we considered protection, comfort, design, capacity, color, material, and pocket space.

5 Best Pool Cue Cases

Some of the cue cases on this list are hard cases, but our favorites were soft ones. Hard cue cases are popular and often feature high-impact tubes that hold the shaft and butt of your cue stick in place.

You worry less about warping due to environmental factors and the shafts rubbing against the butts. They also help to prevent dents. They are great for long-term storage and are the safest place for your expensive cues.

Soft cases, on the other hand, are perfect for short-term storage. But there are soft cases that work just fine for long-term storage too. 

They provide more room than hard billiard cue cases for your cue but not as much impact protection. They keep your cue’s butt and shaft in separate compartments to prevent denting. They are cheaper than hard cases and are the right fit for starter cues.

The box cases are the best choice if you need more security on your cue cases. They come with multiple latches and even combination locks. So, if you take your luxury cue stick to crowded places or pool houses, you might need this one.

Here are the best cases we have compiled for you. You can make a choice depending on your need.


Lucasi Tournament Pro 4 x 8 Cue Case

billiards cue case

The Lucasi Tournament Pro cue case is our best overall, and it is, not just in name. It is an oval-shaped 4 x 8 leatherette case that comes in a combination of three colors: Black, White, and Tan. This color combination keeps on giving if you like color blocks.

It is one of the few soft cases that offer protection and versatility. It is spacious with large accessory pockets and compartments for jump cues and other extensions.

It can hold 4 butts and 8 shafts. It has two sleeves for jump handles, a carrying handle on the side, and a strong, well-padded, and adjustable shoulder strap that equalizes weight distribution. It also has an interior pouch, key hook, and interior long mesh pocket.

It has fabric sleeves for the shaft and butt pockets that hold them firmly and prevent them from moving around while walking or running.

It also has flaps that cover the joints of your two-piece cue sticks, so they don’t hit other parts.

It is easy to clean and feels less bulky, unlike hard cases that are heavy even without the cues. So if you want lots of room, less jostling, less weight, and a soft case that works like a hard case, this Lucasi Pro cue case is the best you can get for its price range.

It is approximately 34 inches long, 6 inches deep, 5 inches wide, and can hold butt and shafts up to 30 inches long. This should help you determine if your cue will fit in it or not before making a purchase.


  • Aesthetically pleasing

  • Spacious

  • Secure 


  • Vinyl rather than leather

ASKA Hard Cue Case For Pool Sticks


best pool cue case

This pool cue case is very similar to the OJUN 3 X 5 hard cue case, but it holds more and is cheaper. It has 12 holes to hold 4 butts and eight shafts. While the OJUN case costs above $200, this case costs less than $150.

It is an oval-shaped case made from heavy-duty vinyl and has soft felt dividers. Each hole can hold a cue part up to 31 inches in length.

It also has a long accessory pocket with two compartments that each have their zipper lock. One is for the jump cue butt, while the smaller one is for any additional accessories.

For us, this is a well-designed cue case. Its diameter may be small for a negligible number of cues. Pool cues fit in it just fine and don’t knock against one another.

It has a hard bottom with four legs. So, if you visit halls with no space to rest your cues, this stands upright and will comfortably take them.

The inner tubes won’t scratch the butt end of your cue even if you take your sticks in and out of it often. Also, cues move around a bit inside them, but we did not notice any damage to the cues from this.

It has two handles and a long shoulder strap. Its side pockets should hold enough of your essential accessories. But it is a heavy case. 

If you need a hard cue case for your mid-range cues that has enough holes for your cue’s butts and shafts and a few extra compartments for other essentials within the specified price range, this is one of the best choices you can make.


  • Nice design

  • Cues don’t knock against each other



  • It is heavy

OJUN – Best 3 x 5 Pool Cue Case

hard cue case for pool

This is not a famous brand, but it is an impressive one. Its pool cases are hard cue cases made of foam tubes and PU leather. It has 8 holes that comfortably house 3 butts and 5 shafts.

Its exterior has two spacious pockets for other essentials that come with a strong zipper, so you don’t have to worry about them getting damaged in a short while.

It has three comfortable handles; two short ones at the top and by the side, and a long shoulder strap. The shoulder strap is solid and comfortable. 

If there is one thing we love about this cue case, it’s its design. It looks very compact, and the brown-coloured case is our favorite. It is also available in black.

Unlike most hard cue cases, it is not so heavy at 2.5kg. It is 87cm long, 16cm wide, and 14cm high. It claims to be rainproof and shockproof because it is spring-loaded. Under light showers, no damage was done to the pool cues. You can wipe it off with a dry cloth.

It is one of the best cases for mid-range cues.


  • Compact

  • Durable



  • No “brand recognition”

KONLLEN 3 x 4 Oxford – Best Travel Cue Case

This is another soft pool cue case that we loved. It is the best pool cue case for a player on a budget. It is lightweight, so it adds very little weight to that of your cues. It can accommodate 3 butts and 4 shafts and has an outer bag for extra accessories. It also has four additional pockets for other accessories.

It features a non-slip base design and handles that are comfortable to hold. Although it is a cloth case, its handles are made of leather. The two handles can be secured with a flip lock and can be used to hang the case.

It also has an adjustable and comfortable shoulder strap that can be worn on both shoulders like a backpack or one shoulder at a time.

Its nonslip bottom design lets it stay in place when placed on the floor or any other surface.

Its material is durable and easy to clean. The major downside we noticed is noticeable jostling while jogging or running, and the shafts can brush against the butts despite the divider at the centre.

The straps might be too short for a big person, and the side pockets are tight. But at less than $80, it is a steal.

It is 34 inches long, 6 inches wide, and 3.5 inches thick. Note that its butt and shaft pockets are lined with nylon.

Being light and easy to travel with, its “expensive” look, neat sewing, excellent construction, and affordability, it is the best pool cue case for lower price points.


  • Affordable

  • Lightweight 

  • Durable 


  • Side pockets are too small

  • Shafts and butts may brush against each other while running or jogging

2B4S Carrying Cue Case with Stand

2 x 4 Hard Pool Cue Case With Stand

One of the reasons why we love this pool cue case is because it comes with a stand. It is one of the best cases for players on the move who find pleasure in pool halls with limited spaces. 

It has 6 holes that hold 2 butts and 4 shafts. It is a hard pool cue case with vinyl covering and dividers that go all the way into the case. The shaft holes have some sort of spring at the bottom, so the cues don’t just hit a hard bottom when inserted.

We noticed no rattling with the sticks. They were very secure in the holes.

It has one handle by the side and a nice shoulder strap. The shoulder strap does look like something that would break easily if used too often.

It has an attractive design. The brown touches on black in the side pockets are nice. The smaller pocket holds chalk and other small accessories, while the longer pocket can hold a jump cue.

It is easy to carry, not too heavy, and slim.

While we love the stand feature, it is also the reason why some people don’t like this cue case. They feel it gets in the way, but we don’t think so. It, though, is removable.

You just have to take the side bolts out to remove it. The stand stabilizes the case while it is in an upright position, but the case still stands without it.

One major downside is that its exterior is cheap and fragile. While its leather looks good at first, it shows the potential of wearing out in months.

This is one of the best cases for pool cues in the $100 range. 


  • It’s affordable

  • It comes with a stand


  • As a lower priced case, it’s a bit more fragile.. it’ll take the hit before your cues but may not last as long as a higher-end case.

Wrap Up

Depending on your pool cues, you can determine which cue case is best for you. While some can accommodate all your cues.

If you get a soft billiard case made from fabrics, ensure it is well padded, so your sticks don’t hit the floor and get scratched. Hard cases should have springs or similar features at the bottom to protect the end of your cues.

Also, ensure that the straps or handles are sturdy enough to carry the case when your cues are in it.

The Lucasi Pro 4 x 8 pool cue case is our favorite cue case at the moment, followed closely by the Konlenn 3 x 4 case. They are both soft cases, but work like hard ones without the extra weight.

We hope this list helps to inform your decision.

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