6 Best Break Cues 2023

best break cue

The key to winning at billiards or pool has a lot to do with playing with the right break cue. Proper practice and skills all factor in, but you need a great cue to make sure that each hit delivers.

Break cues plays different than playing cues. They are specially-designed for that solid break shot you need to scatter the balls in the rack. With the right technique, you can even pocket a ball to ensure a clean table in your favor.

But with the many break cues available in the market, finding the best one can be quite challenging. You would have to look into every option available – and let’s face it, that’s too time-consuming.

To cut your research time by half, we already did all the hard work for you. Here, we’ve narrowed down your choices to six of the best break cues in the market. Read on to know more.

In coming up with this list, we checked the break cue’s features vis-a-vis its price. They have to be durable and balanced to ensure accurate control at all times. That’s how you know that a break cue will deliver what it promises.

We also understand that you might have varying budgets for buying a break cue. That’s why we decided to find the best ones for every budget.

High-End Break Cues ($400-$600)

Predator BK3 Break Cue with Sport Wrap

Predator break cues are known in the market for their superior construction, balanced feel, and eye-catching aesthetics. 

That’s why we had high expectations when the brand introduced the Predator BK3 Break Cue with Sport Wrap to the market. And fortunately, this break cue did not disappoint. 

This break cue is made with Predator’s C4 Technology. This 4-piece construction gives the Predator BK3 a solid shaft that helps deliver powerful breaks with every shot. And because it is carbon-reinforced, you can expect premium durability from this break cue. 

After years of research, the Predator BK3 Break Cue with Sport Wrap was created to cater to the player’s concerns. We love how balanced it feels, which makes it easier to control. 

Speaking of control, the Predator BK3 Break Cue with Sport Wrap comes with a unique grip pattern that makes it comfortable to hold. This pattern also helps improve your positioning, and that can drastically reduce your miscues. 

It weighs 19 ounces, which is the same as those used by professionals in tournaments. This is the ideal weight to ensure that both speed and power is transferred into the cue ball. Nevertheless, it can be tailored to suit your proffered cue weight for playing. 

So if you want to invest in a break cue that gives you unparalleled control and accuracy, you can’t go wrong with the Predator BK3 Break Cue with Sport Wrap. And with that signature Predator style, there’s no doubt that you’ll also make heads turn. 


  • Feels very solid during impact
  • It has a balanced feel that makes it easy to control for break shots


  • If you already have a Predator BK2, I don’t think that upgrading to BK3 will make a big difference

Cuetec Breach Break Cue with Cynergy Carbon Fiber Shaft

Another high-end break cue that instantly caught our attention is the Cuetec Breach Break Cue with Cynergy Carbon Fiber Shaft. With its high-quality construction and superior performance, it’s easy to see why it’s always highly raved. 

This break cue is built with a CT-15K Carbon Composite shaft. This material is known for its solid construction that’s not easily damaged or shattered. Regardless of the force you exert for each shot, you can count on this shaft to deliver. 

For added durability, it comes with a rubber bumper that keeps the butt from cracking under pressure. This feature also keeps the cue stick from being damaged when you’re not using it. 

This assures you that the Cuetec Breach Break Cue with Cynergy Carbon Fiber Shaft is specially engineered to last for a long time. 

Another notable feature of this break cue is its 12.5-millimeter Tiger tip. 

It has a notable hardness that effectively transfers your shot energy to the cue ball for that perfect break. This type of tip is also known for being more durable than softer ones, so you don’t have to worry about frequent maintenance. 

This great break cue weights 19 oz. We also love that the Cuetec Breach is built with the brand’s famous Acueweight System. This feature allows you to adjust to weight to suit your skill level and break shot style. 

This makes it a worthy investment if you’re looking for a cue stick that will stay with you throughout your pool-playing progress. 

And finally, we love that it has a solid and balanced feel whenever we pay with it. This makes it easier to control, making for more accurate break shots.

All things considered, the Cuetec Breach is the perfect break cue for serious players. And the fact that it offers an option to adjust the weight makes it highly versatile and suitable for everyone. 


  • It has a solid construction that delivers powerful break shots.
  • It is comfortable to grip. 


  • The ferrule is kinda sharp and as a result, it can leave white lines on your table cloth

Mid-range Break Cues ($200-$400)

McDermott Stinger NG07 Break/Jump Cue


If the previous two cue sticks seem to be too pricey, then a great alternative is the McDermott Stinger NG07 Break/Jump Cue. This break cue meets regulation standards that will make you feel like a pro – without breaking the bank. 

This break cue has a great value for money. Why? Well, read futher!

At first glance, there’s no doubt that the Stinger NG07 is a head-turner. While it has a simple black and white color scheme, it has a unique Stinger overlay that instantly sets it apart from its competition. 

So if you’re someone who wants to play pool in style, then you will surely love this break cue. 

But, the McDermott Stinger NG07 Break/Jump Cue is not all about aesthetics. This break cue has a 19-ounce weight, which is similar to what professionals use. This helps mimic the performance of tournament-level cue sticks, which makes it a great practice tool for beginners. 

Experienced pool players will also find it easy to control – much to their advantage. 

A notable feature of the Stinger NG07 is its patented Stinger Technology. This feature works by efficiently transferring all the energy to the cue ball upon impact, regardless of where you hit it. 

So even if you make an off-center hit, you can still expect a decent break shot from this cue stick. With the Stinger, you don’t have to worry about miscues anymore. This cue is very forgiving!

The McDermott Stinger NG07 Break/Jump Cue also comes with a 13.25-millimeter phenolic tip. The size helps give it a larger hitting spot, which is why it transfers the energy better. 

The phenolic material also means that it is a hard tip, which paves the way for solid and hard break shots. 

All of these features work together to provide us with an impressive break cue that delivers a tournament-level performance. And that is why it deserves to be considered as one of the best break cue sticks in the market. 


  • It is designed for maximum forgiveness to prevent miscues
  • Very stylish
  • Lightweight – easy to control


  • As with other Jump/Break cues, it is more of a break cue than a jump cue. If you are looking for dedicated jump cues, you may read our latest article – The Best Jump Cues.

Purex HXT-P1 Black Quadruple Threat 4-Piece Technology Jump Break Pool Cue

Another great mid-range cue is the Purex HXT-P1. With its sturdy shaft, notable construction, and superior grip comfort, this stick seems to have everything we want in a decent break cue. 

The most notable feature of this break cue is its HXT Low-Deflection Shaft. This specially-designed shaft helps keep the cue ball from deflecting to ensure accurate hits. 

Even if you fail to hit it precisely at the center, you still end up with a decent break shot that can help you win. If you’re a beginner who’s looking to invest in a mid-range break cue, we recommend this model. 

The Purex HXT-P1 also boasts having a multi-zone hand grip for the utmost control and comfort

This feature gives the cue stick three traction zones to keep your hands on the cue without slipping. 

With this model, you won’t experience cramping or discomfort even if you’ve been playing for a long time. And as a result, you can perform consistently throughout the match. 

Also, this break cue comes in a variety of weights ranging from 18 to 21 ounces. If you’re an experienced pool player who can work with lighter cues, you can choose the 18-ounce variant. 

But if you’re a beginner who needs the extra boost from the added weight, the 21-ounce variant is perfect for you.

Without a doubt, the Purex HXT-P1 Black Quadruple Threat 4-Piece Technology Jump Break Pool Cue deserves recognition as one of the best break cues in the market.


  • Comfortable to use
  • The low-deflection shaft greatly reduces miscues


  • Breaks hard, but not harder than most dedicated break cues

Entry-level Break Cues (Below $100)

Rage Heavy Hitter Jump Break Cue

People who are new to playing pool often have a hard time making break shots. This opening shot requires speed, accuracy, and effort, and that can take years of practice to perfect. 

Fortunately, manufacturers now produce heavy break cues to make it easier for these players.

And when it comes to heavy break cues, no other does it better than the Rage Heavy Hitter Jump Break Cue. 

The most notable feature of this unit is its whopping 25-ounce weight. This makes it heavier than most 19-ounce cues, and this makes it great at break shots for beginners.

The added weight on this unit helps transfer higher energy, even if you’ve only used minimal energy. This is why we believe this makes a great beginner’s jump/break cue. 

To complement this bulky frame, the Rage Heavy Hitter Jump Break Cue has a 14-millimeter Bakelite tip. This material is known for its hardness, so you can be assured that the cue tip is capable of hitting the cue powerfully. 

And unlike softer tips, the ones on this cue won’t easily suffer from being deformed or need frequent replacement.

Despite its added weight, this break cue still feels comfortable to play with. It does not feel unbalanced, and that plays a large role in controlling it. 

So if you’re looking for a unique and heavy break cue, the Rage Heavy Hitter Jump Break Cue is your best bet. 


  • Its heavy construction makes powerful breaks – perfect for beginners
  • The shaft is smooth and nicely finished


  • Easy to miscue – you need to spend some time practicing breaks with this cue

Collapsar XP Jump Break Cue 

Completing our list for the best break cue sticks in the market is the Collapsar XP Jump Break Cue. It is an affordable jump/break cue with an impressive performance.

To start, this break cue has a 29-inch shaft made of maple wood that’s solid and smooth. This gives users a stable stroke to prevent mishits and ensure a win. 

And speaking of a stable stroke, the professional taper on the shaft helps reduce interference with each shot. Not only does this help improve your control, but it also helps you with your focus. 

Another notable feature of the Collapsar XP Jump Break Cue is its 14-millimeter phenolic tip. 

This size and hardness are ideal for break shots since it helps transfer the full energy to the cue ball. As a result, each stroke delivers a powerful service that’s bound to pocket balls to help you win. 

It also comes in two weight options so you can pick the one that helps you play comfortably. 

All things considered, the Collapsar XP Jump Break Cue is a solid entry-level break cue for players on a budget. And considering its impressive performance, even experienced players won’t regret having this in their arsenal. 


  • It delivers hard and solid breaks


  • The tip has some inconsistencies

How To Choose A Break Cue


best break cue

Before buying the best break cue, we recommend looking into the following factors first. By doing so, you’re assured that you’re buying the one that best fits your pool-playing style. And in return, you’re assured that you found one that’s worth the money.


The first factor you have to consider is the weight of the break cue. While professionals believe that a good break has a lot to do with the player’s skill, the weight of the cue stick also plays an important role. This is especially true if you’re still a beginner. 

On average, the ideal weight for a break cue is 19 ounces. Experts believe this is the right weight to give you both speed and hitting precision. 

  • Lightweight

Lighter break cues are generally easier to play with. Since it’s not too heavy, you can hit with faster strokes and better control. But to make sure that the break shot will be in your favor, you will have to exert more effort into it. 

Thus, while light shots offer better control, estimating how much effort you need can be mentally exhausting.

  • Heavy

In contrast, heavier break cues deliver more power even with less effort on your stroke. This makes it perfect for beginners who are still trying to work on their break shots. 

But because of the added weight, heavy break cues can be harder to control. 


The best break cue should have a hard tip. Hard cue tips are known for their impressive speed and force transfer, which is needed to make a promising break shot. 

In contrast, soft pool cue tips tend to absorb much of the energy upon impact, and that reduces the amount transferred to the cue ball. While this is ideal for English shots, soft cue tips are not the best on break cues. 



Another key factor you have to consider is the accuracy of your shot. As much as possible, choose a break cue that will help you keep your eye on the target ball. 

While this has much to do with your technique and skill, accuracy can also be determined by how balanced the cue feels on your hands. A balanced break cue will move precisely in the direction you choose to ensure a hit. 

Adjustable Weight

Speaking of balanced, it also helps if the break cue comes with an option to adjust weights. An ideal break cue would weigh somewhere between 18 and 21 ounces. If you’re new to playing pool, you don’t want to buy different break cues just to find the one you’re most comfortable with. 

Fortunately, most manufacturers now come with the option to adjust the weight of the cues. This will help you identify the weight you want without spending too much. This will also help you stick with one break cue throughout the years – giving you the best value for the money. 


A factor that’s often overlooked is the grip on the break cue. As much as possible, it should allow you to get a firm hold on the cue to prevent any slips and miscues. The grip is also responsible for keeping the player’s hand from being easily fatigued. 

Final Thoughts

Finding the best break cue is a real game-changer. Not only will it scatter the pool balls to your advantage, but it can also guarantee to pocket some at the first swing. That greatly improves your score to ensure a win at every match. 

And to provide you with that performance, you need a sturdy break cue that’s stable and balanced. If it doesn’t give you the right feel, you won’t be able to swing it comfortably for that winning break shot. This is what we had in mind when we were curating this list. 

Thus, you can be assured that the ones we’ve listed are truly the best of the best. 

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