How to Identify Aramith pool balls – 3 Easy Steps

Identifying Aramith pool balls can be tricky. They have a lot of variations and of course, copycats or knockoffs are also a problem. Buying a brand new pool ball set on reputable shops Like Amazon or Pooldawg is quite easy. Meanwhile, buying used sets takes some effort. You can not always trust the sellers on eBay or Amazon.

Luckily, identifying them is not that hard. Here are 3 simple steps that you can take to identify Aramith pool balls.

1. Check the Photos

The fastest way to check is to look at the photos of the set on the Internet or on Aramith’s official website. The most basic Aramith set that you can find today is the Crown Standard. The numbers on these particular set are on the white area instead of inside the stripes. 

Aramith crown standard

Aramith Crown Standard Belgian Pool Ball Set – Click here to view on Amazon

Like all Aramith pool balls, the number 5 has a curly bottom that almost touches the middle line. Also, the number 9 should have a curved underline. Although there are older sets that have a straight underline and in different fonts.

The box should have Aramith’s logo or brand name all over the place. It should have the “manufactured in Belgium“ text on it.



Aramith Premium Belgian Pool Ball Set – Click here to view on Amazon

Their Premier Belgian Pool Ball Set has the classic numbers in the stripes instead. The font, numbers are all the same as the Crown Standard version.

Generally speaking, even aged and faded Aramith pool balls have accurate colors. If you noticed that the colors are way off and have inaccuracies then there is a great chance that the set is a knockoff.

This may be the most effective way to figure out what your pool balls are. If you can’t find the picture online or in a magazine, you can ask your local billiards club about it. Ideally, you should send a photo of the balls to Aramith but we can’t guarantee that their customer service department will respond.

2. Got some help from different Billiards forums

Hooray, there are websites and forums that cater to pool/billiards players! When it comes to pool or billiards forums, the internet is exceptionally friendly and prompt. They can even help you how to maintain your pool ball sets. If you’ve found your Aramith pool ball set a little mysterious so far, then be sure to post on billiards forums and join the discussion. You’ll be amazed at how quickly you can register and post your questions about Aramith. Here are some popular billiards forum:

3. Ask for help from your local stores

If there are local stores nearby, you can just bring the balls by yourself or you can email them for proper identification. These stores are often helpful and will help you for free. As I already mentioned above, you can also ask Aramith about your set. Aramith’s website will always be your best bet. You can always email them pictures or information about an item if it is for a discontinued set, and again, we can’t guarantee that they will always be receptive.


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