How To Clean Your Pool Table Felt/Cloth: The Right Way

Cleaning your pool table felt or cloth is an important part of maintaining your pool table. It can help extend the life of it, protect your investment and make it easier to play a better game of pool. You may wonder how to clean the pool felt? This article will help you and give you essential details on how you can bring back that frizz-free pool table that will surely satisfy your pool playing needs.

Did you know that you must not vacuum when cleaning them? Instead of taking all the dirt on it, it can permanently damage the table cloth itself. In this article, I go over everything you need to know about cleaning your pool table cloth like how often you should clean it and what materials you should use.

Step 1: Removing chalk on the table surface

When starting to clean the pool table cloth, the first thing you need to do is to remove the chalk from the table surface. Depending on how you tend it, you must understand that the gentler you clean it, the better.

The first thing you’ll want to do is remove any chalk from the surface. You may read other help articles that suggest you vacuum your pool felt. That’s a good option, but it’s important to remember that this is not the gentlest method either.

Also, when removing the upholstery, make sure that you carefully remove it from the table. After removing and detaching it from the table, use pool spraying materials to remove all the unwanted dirt and particles. Use a micro-fiber cloth when doing this.

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Step 2: Use a pool table brush

pool table brush

Another way of cleaning the pool table felt is by brushing. Brushing the pool table felt is better than using a vacuum cleaner. Use the ones that have a soft bristle, light, and handy brush. It is to ensure that the dust and dirt from the table will be removed easily. If you are on a budget, I recommend getting the OESS Billiards Pool Table and Rail Brush Set, it is affordable and easy to use. But if you want something that has great quality and from a well-known brand, you may get the Simonis X-1 Pool Table Cloth Cleaning Tool.

Remember that you must start at the end of the table, then move forward, and do not start from the center. Use a clean dustpan in gathering all the dust that has been removed from the pool cloth. Do this in a straight motion, not in a circular motion. This is to ensure smoothness of the felt.

Section 3: Wipe them out

After washing the pool table and removing all the dirt and stain, the next thing you need to do is, wiping the pool table immediately. You need to know that you must use a light and soft damp towel or cloth in doing this step. Just keep it on a glass of cold water to remove the other dust on the surface that the brush won’t fire.

Section 4: Clean the pockets

The next thing you want to do after wiping out all the dirt is cleaning the pool pockets. This step must be done correctly by doing a particular process.

The main reason why pockets become stiff is because of the oil from the pool leather. When this happens, the flexibility of the leather will not be consistent anymore that will eventually affect the movement of the pool ball. To avoid this to encounter, you should always check the pockets when it begins to become stiff.

Section 5: Clean off the spills

Most billiard/pool are typically located in bars, casinos, and even restaurants; that is why customers and even cleaners can’t avoid the fact that they spill drinks, liquor, or coffee on the pool table.

When this kind of circumstance happens, you must not wait for when it dries off. Instead, you need to clean it immediately. To do this method, you need to use a dry cloth or rag. Avoid brushing it because it can cause permanent damage to the pool felt. After blotting the spilled drink, wipe it out with cold water.

How to maintain your pool table cloth

There are many different ways on how you can avoid damage or even permanent damage to your pool table felt. Whether it may be the cheap ones or the expensive ones, you need to remember that keeping it clean and away from harm is very much important. This thing is the first step that you need to do, considering that not all people can afford to buy one. 

The second thing is to avoid eating or drinking on the table. This will reduce the damage or dirt that can enter the pool felt. Also, avoid placing your pool table in direct sunlight because it can damage not only its color but also its consistency.

After playing with it, make sure that it is secured. More so, get a pool table cover that will act as a shield. Investing in one will surely save your time and effort in cleaning.

Lastly, check the pool table if it is still on its good condition. Also, from time to time, wipe all that dirt away and avoid brushing it. It is always better to prevent problems from happening rather than finding ways on how to resolve them.


Now that you have learned how to clean the pool table felt, are you confident enough to clean it on your own? Although it may seem simple, the important thing that you need to remember is to preserve its quality and for you to be able to enjoy the pool game.

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