Best Pool Table Cover (with REAL customer images)

Iszy Billiards Rip Resistant Pool - Billiard Table Cover Choose For 7, 8 or 9 foot Table - Several Colors To Choose From

Are pool table covers necessary? Pool tables don’t come cheap so you don’t want dirt , pet dander, liquid spills or scratches from sharp objects to damage them. Pool table covers are important billiard accessories if you are to protect your pool table investment from unnecessary wear and tear.  

One of the often overlooked, but potentially damaging elements, is sunlight. If you want to extend your pool table’s lifespan, you will  want to protect it from rays of sunlight as well. 

For longevity and maximum playability, your pool table cover must deliver on both protection and durability.

When choosing a pool table cover, you will be presented with various options but to streamline your choices, we will be sharing some of the best pool table covers with you which highlights what we consider to be the best pool table cover. In deciding what makes a pool table cover the best, we looked at the material, whether or not it’s waterproof, if it protects the table from ultraviolet rays, the snugness of the fit, and how durable it is.


  • Snug fit
  • Thick enough to protect table felt


  • It is cut for rounded corners only

After testing out various pool table covers over time, we consider the Kohree heavy duty leatherette pool cover the best. Most pool table covers are made from either vinyl or naugahyde, an artificial leather and this pool table cover is no different. 

It is made from heavy duty leatherette which features weighted corners and sewn seams which will protect the felt and sides of your table. It won’t come loose easily either as its seams are properly stitched. 

In case you’re wondering what leatherette is, it’s a synthetic material designed specifically to imitate leather. It’s one of many forms of artificial leather.

This pool table cover has a cotton-fleece backing, is thick, and lays perfectly on your pool table with very little wrinkle. We noticed there were some creases from folding, but they faded after a while. You can leave it for a few days or weeks after laying it. 

Gravity will do the rest.. It is also waterproof so you don’t need to be scared of liquid spills. You can just wipe them off and air dry. If your table is outdoors, this is such a necessity for you as it will protect your table from direct sunlight and humidity. It is durable. The one we have has not shown any fading and takes dust well. 

The Kohree heavy duty leatherette billiard table cover comes in three sizes: 7ft, 8ft, and 9 ft which measure 92 x 52 x 8 inches, 100 x 56 x 8 inches, and 112 x 62 x 8 inches respectively. Know the size of your table so you can get the most fitting size for it. 

They come in  just two colors; a rich brown and black which are pretty neutral colors that blend well with most interiors. They weigh between 5.20 lbs and 8.00 lbs.



  • Thick compared to most vinyl covers
  • Made for 8ft tables


  • Creases might take longer than expected to straighten out

On this list of best pool table covers, the Iszy billiards 8ft heavy duty vinyl cover is our second choicest pool cover. It comes in a beautiful burgundy color with slits on both short sides that makes laying it easier.all sewn areas are double stitched so it won’t come loose anytime soon. 
Not only is it appealing to the eye, it actually does the job.  It’s typically designed for 8ft tables and does great covering the corner pockets of tables smaller in size. 
You will most likely notice some creases like we did but they are nothing worth worrying about and will smoothen over time. It fits snugly so you don’t have to worry about light to moderate winds blowing it off or it slipping off because some kid ran past it.
One downside is that it does not fit so snugly around the edges enough to keep kids intentionally wanting to pull it off away. Unlike many vinyl pool table covers, it is thick and that is one great selling point.
It is capable of protecting your table felt from the damage spills cause and is very durable. Scratches from claws won’t damage it either. It weighs 5.6 pounds and measures 115.5 x 71 inches (L X W). 
Compared to the Kohree heavy duty leatherette table cover, it is almost as thick but doesn’t have as many size variations. It also takes longer to straighten creases out.


  • Comes as a one-size-fits-many pool table cover
  • It is waterproof


  • It is relatively thin and not so resistant to scratches from pets

Eastpoint delivered a one-size-for-many multipurpose pool table cover made from vinyl for tables 7 to 9ft in length. It measures 10ft x 6ft and weighs 1.19 pounds, so it is large and drapes such that it protects the edges of the table. 
On testing it out, it took dust and dirt well and requires simple cleaning to get back to looking as good as new. Its weighted corners ensure that it stays put once laid as such you can use it on outdoor pool tables. It is one of those table covers that can serve other purposes. You can use it as a cover for your tennis table or hover hockey as well.
It is water resistant so little worry over liquid spills. Compared to the Kohree heavy duty leatherette pool cover and the Iszy billiard cover made from vinyl, this is light. Being lightweight, it is easy to spread and take off but might not survive scratches from pets for long. 
If you do not have pets or kids and your table is located in a low traffic area, it will work just fine for you. What it lacks in thickness, it makes up for with its weighted corners. If you are getting this for a small table, you will be saving up on later pool table cover expenses because should you get a bigger table, it will still fit.


  • Easy to place and remove
  • Cheap and available in various colors


  • Too thin to protect pool table from scratches

This Iszy billiard rip resistant pool cover comes in 5 sweet colors: wine, black, brown, dark green, and navy blue. Whatever your interior looks like, it offers a range of colors to choose from to suit your design needs. 

It’s made from lightweight, rip resistant nylon with elastic on the corners to make sure it fits snugly. If you are on a budget, this is a good buy. The only downside is that it’s very thin and is very big at 112 x 69 inches.

We tried it on our 8ft long table and it was quite loose. It would be best fitted for 9ft long tables. Being a pool table cover with elastic on the corners, you will have to get what best fits your table to enjoy having this or it will just droop around the corners.


It’s water resistant, but, do not leave liquid on it for long periods. It is a decent pool table cover if you need minimal protection for your table and can’t afford more than it costs. It’s great for protection against dust, but won’t work against scratches. It’s just as easy to fold and place away as it is easy to lay. It’s also very lightweight at 0.66 pounds.


Imperial San Francisco 49ers 8ft Deluxe Pool Table Cover – an NFL Fan Choice

Imperial San Francisco 49ers 8' Deluxe Pool Table Cover


  • Comes with your chosen NFL team’s logo
  • Thick and lays perfectly


  • Limited to 7 to 8ft long tables


The Imperial San Francisco 49ers pool table cover is an officially licensed table cover made from high quality naugahyde that fits snugly to your pool table. It protects not just the top playing surface but the side table aprons from dust, spills, and pet dander. 

It works great in protecting table felt from scratches as well. It is an NFL fan choice with a silk screened team logo displayed right at its center. Measuring 100 x 56 x 8 inches, it fits most 8 ft long tables. 

It will most likely come with creases from folding but they will resolve after a few weeks. Being a heavy duty cover, it is waterproof and sure to protect your table’s felt from any harm. 

It’s a great gift choice for men for their man caves. Get one with his favorite NFL team’s logo imprinted on it and watch him light up. 

It weighs 1 kg and lays perfectly on almost any 8ft long pool table. It won’t slip off easily and is as good as the Kohree heavy duty leatherette pool table cover. It is great for outdoor tables as well and works great in protecting pool tables from humidity and UV rays.


  • Beautiful, long rolls


  • Durability is not on par with Aramith

Made from water resistant 300D stock-dyed polyester, this table cover from Covermates delivers on protection. Its fabric is lightweight which makes it easy to lay or remove. It also has double stitched seams so they won’t loosen easily. It is designed such that it can fit up to a 100 x 56-inch table. 

For sunlight, it works to protect your pool table from low to moderate sunlight. If your table is in an uncovered space, this might not be the best pool table cover for you because it most likely won’t work against direct sunlight. 

It is water resistant and can hold its own against spilled fluids for a reasonable amount of time. If there are light to moderate showers, make sure to dry them off as soon as you can.

The Covermate pool table cover is the best polyester pool table cover on our list because it adequately protects your table against dirt, dust and pet hairs. 

You do not have to clean your table’s felt for long periods anymore as the table cover takes all that. Weighing 2.86 pounds, it withstands moderate to high gusts of wind pretty well without sliding off.

If your table has pocket bags, this will work just fine in covering them as well. It did for our 8ft long pool table with pocket bags. 

It’s also almost as thick as the Iszy Billiard 8ft vinyl pool table cover. It does not drape like the Iszy Billiard but wraps around the edges to give a snugger look and feel.


  • Covers the entire table not just the top surface
  • It is rip resistant


  •  It is not waterproof

Unlike other covers that protect only the surface of the table, this is a pool table cover that covers your entire table down to its wooden legs. It is made from 420D polyester fabric that is durable, claimed to be waterproof, and totally capable of protecting your table from harsh elements. 

This cover comes with a buckle that allows you tighten the cover around the billiard table so it stays in place. This is particularly effective against strong winds and curious kids and dogs.

It is UV resistant which makes it one of the best pool table covers for outdoor use. According to its manufacturers, it has special UV coating and PU undercoating that protects your table against damage from sunlight and water. 

Well, we did a test run because we came across some complaints about its being waterproof and it can’t really withstand spillage. So if there is a spill, it will be wise to clean it off as soon as possible.

It is strong and pretty thick; a durable option. It is also rip resistant so you can take it off and wear it back without fear of it tearing amid that. Gemitto offers these pool table covers in different sizes. 

They are great heavy duty covers for 7ft, 8ft, and 9ft tables. With the buckle, you can always adjust them to fit your table perfectly should there be any almost negligible excess.

It is a multipurpose cover as it can be used for covering other household furniture. Being a full table cover, one merit it has over others is that it protects almost every part of the pool table from dust and dirt. It minimizes how much you need to clean beneath the tables and its side pockets.

                 Buying Guide


When trying to decide on what pool table cover is best for you, there are certain things you must take into consideration. The size of your table, the material that would best fill your needs, where your pool table is placed, and design or color that would best suit your space.

Check the size of your table

Buying a pool table cover and realizing it doesn’t fit can be quite annoying and a waste of time.  So, measure your pool table before buying a table cover. If you are buying one online, confirm the size from the sales representative. It is often better to get a table cover that is a few inches longer or wider than your table if it has elastic edges and definitely a size bigger than your table if it’s a cover that drapes.



Pool table covers are made from either leather, naugahyde, vinyl, or nylon. Leather, heavy duty naugahyde, and heavy duty vinyl work are top-notch table covers that protect your pool table from dust, dirt, and scratches from pets.

Many vinyl and nylon materials are too light to withstand scratches especially if you have pets but work just fine if you are majorly trying to protect your pool table from dust which is the major concern of many pool table owners. If you have kids, you might want to opt for materials that are thick and weighty enough to not be pulled off in one go.

Indoor or outdoor

Is your pool table indoors or outdoors? This is very essential in determining what kind of pool table cover you should get. 
If it will be outdoors, pool table covers made of good synthetic leather that are thick, waterproof, and UV resistant are your best bet. They should be able to protect your pool table from the elements.
For pool tables that are indoors or in partially covered places, pool table covers that can withstand low to moderate moisture, humidity, and sunlight will work just fine.

Design / Color

In choosing a design or color, take into consideration the color tones of the room where your table is and even the table’s color. With how large pool tables are, the cover will be prominent. Make sure it perfectly compliments surrounding colors and you are good to go.

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