Best Sneaky Pete Pool Cues 2020

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  • 28 February 2020

You could probably recognize a skilled player by their cue. On one hand, a pricey cue allows you to show off and makes you feel good. On the other, it lets others know who they are dealing with, which is more often than not to your disadvantage.

But what if your opponent wasn’t quite aware of your skill level? Well, they’d probably underestimate you, hopefully giving you an advantage during the first few strokes until your opponent realizes that you aren’t a newbie.

If this is the kind of advantage you are looking for, then a Sneaky Pete Pool Cue may be the right pool cue for you.

In this post, we’ll have a look at Sneaky Pete cues as cheap as roughly $100 and as expensive as $500 to hopefully meet the needs of more people. Aside from in-depth overviews, we’ll also talk a bit about the key features of pool cues to help you pick that best Sneaky Pete pool cue.

6 Best Sneaky Pete Pool Cues 2020

1. Lucasi Custom Birds-Eye Maple Sneaky Pete Cue

For more skilled pool players, something like this low-deflection Sneaky Pete cue may be the right option. The key benefit of this cue is its low-deflection shaft that allows for more predictable and consistent shots.

A big contributor to the feel of this cue is the Tiger Everest tip. As Lucasi claims, this tip is durable like a hard tip, feels like a medium tip, and provides you with the control (including spin control) of a soft tip.

Among other contributors to the consistent feel of the Lucasi Sneaky Pete cue are the solid-core shaft and a lightweight polymer ferrule. Called Zero Flexpoint, this ferrule is promised to deliver a solid hit while ensuring low deflection.

What’s also notable about the Lucasi Birds-Eye Sneaky Pete pool cue is its Uni-Loc joints. These joints are here to ensure that the 2-piece construction doesn’t negatively impact the accuracy and alignment of the cue.


  • Very low shaft deflection
  • Pretty accurate
  • Has a solid build quality


  • Fairly pricey but worth the price.

2. Pure-X Low-Deflection Sneaky Pete Cue

The Pure-X Sneaky Pete cue seems not to have as fancy features as the Lucasi cue, but it’s slightly cheaper and thus more pocket-friendly.

This cue has a low deflection, but it appears to be not as consistent as in the Lucasi cue. To achieve better feel and consistency, this cue employs a soft tip along with a lightweight polymer core. Aside from that, this thing again has a low-deflection shaft.

However, the Pure-X pool cue probably won’t deliver as well-rounded performance as the Lucasi cue. The Lucasi cue has fancier features for that. But for the money, expect this Sneaky Pete cue to be a good buy. Also, it plays the same as some higher end Meucci cues without the that hefty price tag.


  • Affordable low deflection cue
  • Performance is somewhat closer to other higher end pool cues
  • Not as stable as the Lucasi Sneaky Pete 

3. Players HXT15

For beginners, the Players HXT15 Two-Piece Pool Cue is one of the top pool cues in the industry. Available in different weights, this pool cue is under $200, making it an affordable yet an excellent option for those who want to embark in the billiard industry. You will be blown away by its quality, performance and its unique design appearance.


I would definitely love to put it as the #1 option in this list, but I understand that most beginners that are looking for their first ever cue are probably looking for sub $100 pool cues. But if you’re looking for a low-deflection cue with an affordable price point, then the HXT15 is for you.

Now, I want to talk about the design, the Players HXT15 features conventional classic styling black spots and white accents, on a dusky walnut-stained Birds-eye Maple polished forearm that surely impress. This cue is crafted with a high level of 100 % premium North American hard rock maple.

Not only is it beautiful but it also incorporates a low deflection shaft which help in improving and enhancing the cue ball control. The Players HXT15 can provide you the most precise balls shot.

The HXT15 incorporates an Irish linen wrap which guarantees no slipping or gliding and more importantly you won’t have to worry about moisture. Moisture can be quite irritating sometimes.

The HXT15 features an outstanding 12.75mm Kamul black tip for the ultimate grip and durability. The Kamul Blacktip is prevalent in advanced levels. The tip on the hand has 10 layers of pigskin. This eventually helps in creating that perfect accurate shot and more importantly the pigskin is much more finely opposed to standard leather.

Furthermore, the Technology Series HXT15 comes in a two-piece cue. This makes it easier for you to store it or transport it with you when needed. The most satisfying part is that it highlights a stainless steel joint that attaches the pair pieces ideally.

To sum it all, this is a high-end pool cue that is a highly recommended choice for beginners as well as for players of advanced levels. Most importantly it is affordable and worth the investment.


  • High-end performance
  • Well-balanced and accurate


  • You may need some time to get use to it

4. McDermott Classic Pool Cue Kit


As MC Dermott’s classic pool cue kit proposes the finest affordable cues for beginners, it makes sense that our budget selection would include their large compilation of cues. This cue is made from Michigan Maple and the kit also includes a soft case, chalk holder, a tip shaper and 2 billiard chalks.  It has everything you need to start playing.

It has a timeless design but the color combination is not for everyone. Those who are looking for flashy or fancy design may have to look somewhere else.


When it comes to creating its pool cues, the McDermott put quality and performance as high priorities. They use a whole dedicated method that is composed of at least 150 proceeds to construct and create each one of their pool cues. This makes them among the top-quality cues on the market that comes in two-piece cues and made in the USA.

To prolong the life and durability of the pool stick, this brand makes a 3 elements butt construction. The inlays and rings glued manually to ensure a definite fit. 

And thanks to these high-quality standards and criteria, a prolonged warranty is given to face any kind of potential warping and deficiencies.

This wrapless cue features a 13mm high-quality tip that can handle any kind of blast. Moreover, it can softly knock those close professional hollow shots without hassle. Besides that, the standard deflection will help you get a better shot when it comes to playing.

To sum it all up, the McDermott Classic Pool Cue Kit has everything you need to learn the basics of playing, to step up your game and to move slowly to the next level at an affordable price! 

You get a reliable, classic white and blue McDermott pool cue with a free light case and accessories to help you in your journey. 


  • Affordable price
  • Comes with a soft case and other accessories


  • The joint is not all metal and can affect the balance

5. Predator Sport 2 Ice Sport Wrap w/Z-3 Shaft

Combining functionality, endurance, and elegant design, the Predator Sport 2 Pool Cue  is another top graded pool cue from Predator. I can recommend this is you have money to burn and itching for a great looking cue with great playability.

This pool cue is great for beginners to intermediate players.

The Predator Sport 2 high-performance pool cue is constructed to the demanding standards and criteria. This model comes paired with a world notable Predator Z-3 low-deflection shaft to level up your game to the next level.

Every hit is really precise. It is also a well-balanced cue and the 4-piece hard maple construction makes it pretty durable.

This is one of the most inexpensive options to enjoy the Predator technology within the palm of your hands. With the 3rd-generation Z shaft, this pool cue is definitely for serious players.

This model features a Victory tip and a Uni-Loc quick release pin. The SportII grip offers a great grip for maximum control over your pool shots enabling you to deliver unusual accuracy and exactness in your hits.

To sum it all, this is a comparatively affordable, high-quality choice for beginners who are looking for a starting cue to begin their journey. 


  • Predator winning tip 
  • A Uni-Loc quick release pin


  • Expensive but well worth it

6. AB Earth 2-pc Pool Cue

The AB Earth is a great option for total beginners who doesn’t like to spend more than $40 for their first cue. This is one of the most basic and standard cues that can be easily handled by a beginner who is looking to learn basic techniques.

It features a sheer number of weight from which you can choose depending on your preferences. It is also available in different styles, offering you a variety of choices from which you can select the one that fits with your needs.

The AB Earth’s tip features a relatively quite large tip. However, as we have mentioned previously, this can be ideal for beginners who want to enhance their gaming skills and learn more about how to control and shoot balls.

And while this standard deflection cue incorporates a ferrule that is high in density yet not the best out there, it is still a good option that will allow a player at a beginner level to learn things much faster and better.

Another thing you will like about this pool cue model is the Irish linen grip. This pool cue is gorgeous and definitely an eye-catcher.


  • Affordable 
  • Shots are consistent


  • A basic cue with basic playability

How to Choose a Pool Cue for Beginners

In this brief buyer guideline, we will help you better understand the different features each buyer should be taken into consideration when purchasing the best pool cue for beginners. These different features matter as they can either help you improve your gaming skills or will continuously putting yours in a stacked position.

Now before we even start, you should know that tat all starts with how you to choose a pool cue:

Generally, the best cue tools should be flawless to one’s touch. The first thing you will probably need to check when you are looking for a pool cue is any signs of glue. The glue indicates horrible craftsmanship and the cue probably won’t last as much as you think. Any scratches or defects should also be checked. You definitely don’t want to have an unplayable pool cue!

Now elaborating on the features of the cues which play an important role in determining the quality and the performance level of your game, here are some that we can briefly discuss:

Size and weight

This comes down to your personal needs and preferences. Some are more comfortable with heavy cues while others prefer light ones for better grip and control. Therefore, if depends on your playing style and shooting forces, you can choose the one that fits with your needs. However, the average weight for a cue ranges somewhere between 18 to 22 ounces. Whereas size wise, it is usually somewhere 55 and 60 inches.


Simply put, the harder the material was, the more powerful the shot will be. Usually, maple is the commonly used material when it comes to pool cues and especially for beginners. The maple woods provide better control and power at the same time. Materials used also plays a big role in terms of durability.




This is one of the most important parts of the whole cue. This is due to the fact the harder the tip, the more impact it has on the strike. Usually, the tips are made of leather material. However, it all depends on how hard the leather is. Make sure to check the degree of its hardness. You can use oil to make the leather tip softer.


Again, the wrap also depends on the preference of the player and his/her budget. For example, the most expensive wraps are usually made of genuine leather and they have a soft grip. Some believe that this kind of wraps can be sweaty once you start playing due to its softness. 

Whereas the Leatherette is cheaper material that can be used for a wrap, but again it also promotes sweat. The best wrap that we can suggest is the Irish linen; it is one of the most popular and most preferred wraps for billiards players. 


When it comes to the joint, it should be made flat to the cue wood when they are twisted together. The pin must be ideally centered within the butt level. It should not be glued or unpolished. 


This is one of the important features that need to be taken into consideration when looking to purchase a pool cue for beginners. The shaft is what will determine the performance of the stick.

It is so important in defining the aim of your pool shots and its flexibility.

A cue with standard deflection shaft plays better than house cues. You can control the ball better but most probably, you can’t do the most extreme shots and spin.

While a low-deflection shaft is the choice of mostly all pro-players out there because of their capability to perform those extreme shots and you can control the cue ball more precisely.

Balance point

Commonly placed in the center of the cue and just several inches apart from the wrap edge. Make sure to locate the balance point that will best work for you.


When choosing a warranty, make sure to choose one that will guarantee the protection of your purchase and its worth. The warranty depends majorly on the cue you purchased. Usually, for cues that cost over $100, you should have at least a 3 years warranty that covers any kind of defects.


With a sheer number of pool cues available on the market, it can be challenging to decide on which one to go.

With so many options for the best beginner pool cues, it can certainly be challenging to make the final decision. The six pool cues for beginners presented here in this article are an excellent place to begin. The only things that you are attentive to when it comes to cue are your personal style of playing and preferences.

Finally, we like to leave our readers with the best nomination based on budget, quality, and overall performance. 

Our selection for this review is the Players Pool Cue C-960. This cue has a great playability and at the same time, inexpensive.

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