The Best Pool Table Brands in 2023 – For Every Budget

Do you want to have your own pool table? There are lots of brands that are available in the market today. Some are the highest of quality and some are more affordable and durable enough.
One of the most important factors in choosing a pool table is your budget. But to tell you the truth, I asked a lot of my friends and fellow pool players, their choice is usually Diamond, Brunswick Gold Crown or a Brunswick Danbury. If budget is a concern then you might get a Harvil or a Fat Cat brand.
TL;DR These are the top pool table brands in the market
Brunswick, Diamond and Olhausen are the most popular and expensive brands. But they are definitely worth it because of the materials used, finish, durability and playability.
While Harvil, Mizerak, Fat Cat and Barrington brands are their more affordable counterparts.


It is a well-known and respected brand in the Pool/Billiards scene. They are the first pool brand in the USA. Their pool tables are made of the finest materials and excellent craftsmanship. For me, you can never go wrong to buy a Brunswick as long as it fits your budget.
Their pool table price ranges from $2600-$14900. Expensive, but the quality is exceptional. Additionally, replacement parts are readily available across the USA just in case you needed one.
In my own opinion and based on other pool players that I’ve talked to, the Brunswick Gold Crown is the best pool table ever made.
Another popular Brunswick table is the Brunswick 8-Foot Danbury Pool Table. It has a classic and elegant design. And there’s no denying that If you are looking for a table that will last for a long time and plays really well, then get a Brunswick!

Brunswick 8-Foot Danbury Pool Table.
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Established in the year 1987, Diamond is another pool table brand with outstanding quality. Their commercial pool tables have been used in over 100 major tournaments.
Their pool table lineup consists of the PRO-AM, Professional, Smart Table and Paragon. As a matter of fact, most of their tables are made from Solid Oak, Solid Hardwood Maple or Ash Hardwood.
Also, their tables offer extreme durability and playability. Like Brunswick, Diamond pool/billiards tables are pretty expensive but tend to last for a very long time. If you are looking for a table for home use, you might want to consider the Diamond Pro-Am 9 Foot Pool Table.  

Diamond Pro Am 9 Foot
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Presidential is known not just for their pool tables, they are also known to make high-quality wooden furniture.
They have a wide variety of pool tables that are made from handcrafted exotic woods. As a matter of fact, their pool table offerings are utilizing the double cross beam construction.
This construction creates a stronger platform to support the slates. And as a result, they can produce strong and rigid pool tables.
As you may know, Presidential pool tables may not be as popular as Brunswick or Diamond, but they offer the same if not better quality in some areas.
Whether you are looking for a modern or a classic look, Presidential pool tables got you covered. 


Founded by the Olhausen brothers, Olhausen Billiards Manufacturing Inc. creates fantastic pool tables for home and commercial use. According to their data, they are selling 30,000 tables a year.
Their pool tables are proudly made in the USA. In fact, their manufacturing facility can be found Portland Tennessee. They don’t outsource or send their materials overseas for cheaper rates.
What they do instead is, they are manufacturing not just their pool tables but all of their products in the United StatesThe “Made in America” stamp that can be found on their products is something that you can be proud of when owning an Olhausen pool table.
They have plenty of pool tables with different designs to cater to specific needs. The Americana Series Belmont is one of their popular pool tables because of the style, playability and it is under $4000.

Olhausen Billiards 8 ft Belmont Pool Table – Matte Original Cherry Finish
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Plank & Hide

Plank & Hide is another luxury brand that is gaining some popularity in recent years. They categorized their pool table lineup into three series.
Industrial series
The pool tables under this series have a modern touch. They are made with solid steel sub frame and legs that comes with scratch-resistant finish. If you are into modern, elegant and unique design these pool tables might be for you.
Vintage series
As the name implies, Plank & Hide designed these pool tables with a vintage look. Made with 100% solid hardwood that provides durability that can stand the test of time. The designs are kind of plain compared to the Industrial series. Still, they are the more popular choice among pool players with big rooms.
Classic series
Simple and timeless classic designs are under this lineup. The pool tables are also made from 100% solid hardwood with a one-piece leg to provide a solid foundation.

Plank and Hide Entertainment Table – Morse Billiard Pool Table – 8’
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Best Pool Table Brands for Home Use

When purchasing a pool table, first you have to consider your budget. Top end brands like Brunswick and Diamond will cost you about $3000-5000. And their antique collection can go as high as $14000.
But don’t worry, there are brands like Mizerak, Harvil and Barrington that you can purchase for less than $1000. Choosing a pool/billiard table also greatly depends on the space of your own home or room.
Fortunately, these popular pool table brands offer different sizes that you can choose from. So now, here is the list of pool tables that you can buy for home use.

What to Look for when Choosing a Pool Table Brand

The Brands Reputation

 As I’ve already mentioned above, there are plenty of brands that offer different types of pool tables. It is important that you choose a well-known brand that provides great service. After-sales support is also very important.
You should also find out if how long they are in business. If pool or billiards are a major part of their business. If they can able to service your table quickly.

Goal and Budget

We also have to determine your goal of purchasing a table. Are you looking for a top tier or professional pool table that can elevate your skill? Or perhaps a much affordable option is more than enough for casual use?
If you’re looking to buy a professional pool table and you are a serious player, the answer is to get a Brunswick.
If you want a real pool table but do not want to spend around $5000, then you might get this Galaxy Slate Pool Table 8-Foot with Red Felt by Harvil. This table is slate, plays well and durable.
Or maybe you are looking for a pool table that your kids can enjoy? You might opt for a foldable table like the Hathaway Fairmont Portable.


The quality of the table is very important in choosing one. As a matter of fact, pool tables are an investment for most people. Some people want the highest quality, antique pool tables and some are just looking for inexpensive as long as it performs well.
Brands such as Brunswick, Diamond, Presidential and Olhausen are the premium pool table manufacturers. Their catalogs are full of elegant, durable and professional pool tables.


It is important that the frame or cabinet is sturdy and flat so it can provide a more secure platform for the slate. Since the weight of the slate can go as high as 600 lbs, having a strong and properly designed frame is a must to avoid sagging and breakage.
This platform(where the slate rest) is a very important part of the frame. Manufacturers often used plywood as a platform. Premium tables from top-end brands usually have a piece of hardwood glued and screwed into the frame. And as a result, the overall structure is sturdy and stable. Also looks for crossbeams, they are there to support the center of slate and they make them more rigid.


Slate is a sturdy and durable rock that can be used to pool tables. Other materials such as wood and acrylic are also used but they are not as tough as slate. Also, remember that the thicker the slate the durable and the more expensive it is.


 There are three types of legs, Antique Legs, Pedestal and Post Legs. The legs support the entire weight of the table as well as the person leaning on it.


Cushions should be of high quality in order to make a pool table highly playable. They should give the right amount of bounce for the pool balls. High-quality cushions are made from natural gum to avoid losing its bounce or “dead rails”.


Generally, the more expensive the pool table the greater the finish. The feel and appearance of the table are usually due to the different finishing and sanding techniques.
Also, hardwoods play a great role in the characteristics of the finish. For an elegant look, you may opt to choose a glasslike finish of maple. If you want an informal or grainier appearance, you can try an oak.
Its grainy surface provides protection for minor scratches and blemishes than its maple glasslike counterparts. While cherry and mahogany can provide beautiful hues and rich grain patterns when finished.
Rare and exotic hardwoods such as rosewood or zebrawood can be found on premium, expensive tables. They are pretty durable and very easy to repair.
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