7 Best House Pool Cues 2023 – Affordable & Reliable

The importance of choosing the best house pool cues can’t be underestimated.

It’s always nice to have a good quality pool cue at your disposal whether it’d be for a billiard hall or your home entertainment area. For the best and most fun billiard experience you only deserve the best house pool cues.

Take a look at the products that we’ve researched and reviewed for your convenience. 

Best Overall: Viper Commercial/House 1-Piece Canadian Maple Billiard/Pool Cue

Let’s start our best house pool cue review with none other than our top pick the Viper Commercial/House 1-Piece Canadian Maple Billiard/Pool Cue. 

This versatile house pool cue is made purely of hard Canadian Maple that’s always going to be reliable and dependable. This billiard cue can take the wear and tear of constant or everyday usage.

It is available in 5 different sizes from the 48-inch one that is perfect for people with smaller hands and the 57-inch variety. The latter is then available in different weight options 18, 19, 20, and 21 ounces. Again, we repeat that these pool cues are meant for high-volume usage and these customizable choices are the reason why it’s a bestseller. 

One thing you will notice immediately after buying this stick is its straightness. It is straight as an arrow out of the box.

The pool cues are coated with nine layers of varnish. And trust us when we say that this pool cue has a well-thought-out design from tip to tip.

It is armed with the Le Pro Leather tip that promotes quite a solid grip to the ball that will reduce any miscue so it’s not only a solid cue but will also help you improve your game (with constant practice that is).

The solid one-piece design makes this one of the best one-piece house pool cues in the market today. While its wood construction tends to reduce tension or vibration to its great grip and the 2-toned grain design gives it a nice classy aesthetic. 

You can expect nothing less from a veteran brand that has kept on churning out quality and classical pool products. With this house pool cue, you’ll never go wrong. 

So, amongst all of the choices in the market today, why is the Viper Commercial/House 1-Piece Canadian Maple Billiard/Pool Cue our top pick? Well, for one, it’s got great reviews from fellow pool players. So it’s not only us that thinks that it is advertised more or less accurately but a lot of those who’s tried it too.

It’s versatile, it looks really good, it’s got a nice grip or feel to it, and most of all it is one of the most durable pool cues out there. And you know what, you factor in how affordable this pool cue is, and no doubt, you’ll consider it as arguably a top house pool cue too. 

Runner-up: Valley House Bar Pool Cue

House Bar Cues

If you’re looking for an affordable yet top-quality set of pool cues then the Valley House Pool Cue Sticks. This is one of the best house pool cues set on our list for a lot of good reasons.

These house pool cues are made out of only hard and high-quality maple so, from that, you can’t go wrong. It may not be as fancy as our top pick, the Viper, but these sticks are just as durable. They are meant to last and can take on the wear and tear of daily or constant usage.

They just don’t break rather easily compared to some of the cue sticks on their price range. Also, they are quite versatile and straight as they are not only for home or personal use but also for commercial usage as well. 

You’ll get a set of 8 pool cue sticks that’s got high-density ¾ inch white fiber ferrule, glue on 13mm leather tip, and lacquer finish. Their weights are 18, 19, 20, and 21 ounces and these cue sticks come in 57 inches in length. 

It is naturally weighted and comes with a rubber bumper that’s non-marking to always protect the base of your cue. It weighs just right and has a nice feel and grip to it that a lot of pool players love. 

It’s a bit of an underdog and you won’t find this pool cue on a lot of lists but that’s why we scoured the market to find hidden gems such as this one. 

Billiard Depot Set of 4 Pool Cue Sticks

Next on our list is the popular Billiard Depot Set of 4 Pool Cue Sticks. This set has an attractive overlay that are available in different colors. 

Still pretty much an affordable buy, these house pool cues comes in different weights and as I’ve mentioned earlier, they have beautiful overlay decal butt. You will get 4 pieces of 58 inches pool cues with this set, so that’s great value for your money for sure. 

It comes with 13mm cue tips made out of leather and a hardwood shaft. These pool cues much like the first two that we’ve mentioned are still relatively durable and are meant for constant usage. Although, I can say that these cues are about a tier below in terms of quality.

These pool cues are infused with strong and secure ferrule. The joint connecting the 2 parts of the cue are also quite durable plus they come in really attractive color choices. They have a nice balance to them and that could be why it’s super popular among casual players.

It’s so smooth to use and glides on your fingers rather easily. If you want a set by your side at all times to play a game or two regularly, then this should be on top of your list. 

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Best for Kids & Small Spaces: TGA SPORTS 36″ Hardwood Billiard/Pool House Cue Stick


Another solid option is the TGA SPORTS 36-inch Hardwood Billiard/Pool House Cue Stick. These are shorty cues (about 36 inches) and they are perfect for kids, small rooms and tight spaces.

These are made of high-quality wood material, so you know that at its price point, you are already getting a bargain.

It’s armed with a 13mm leather tip that’s meant for strong yet smooth strikes and provides a reduced weight on your backhand so you always tend to get a cleaner stroke in your game. Its smaller size and weight is convenient for a lot of things, in storage, or transport for example. Your kids will definitely having an easier time using these cues and make the game more enjoyable for them.

It’s got a nice minimalistic aesthetic and the wood material is guaranteed to be as durable as the ones that we’ve already listed and reviewed above. So no doubt about it, one of the best pool sticks to invest in for those entertaining afternoon (or evening) pool games at your entertainment room.

Iszy Billiard Lot of 4 58-inch 2-Piece Hardwood Canadian Maple Pool Cues

This set comes with four 2-piece pool cues and they are all 58 inches in length. Like the Valley House Bar Pool Cues, the Iszy Billiard Pool Cues Set has a variation of 18-21 oz pool cues.

This set of pool cues are also quite suitable for commercial usage as they are durable enough for they are made out of Canadian maple.

Comes with a glue-on leather tip and 13mm fiber ferrule, quality is guaranteed this set of billiard cues too. It’s got a steel joint with Irish linen wrap and a nice finish to it. This gives this 2-piece cue a nice feel and smooth grip for a better quality stroke. 

It’s available in many different color combinations and has got a classical look to it which we’re sure would entice old-school players. The joint that keeps both parts together is durable so don’t worry about any issues with that anytime soon.

Overall, this is one decent pool cue, may not be the best on our list but nonetheless worthy of your investment. 


GSE Games & Sports Expert 58″ 2-Piece Canadian Maple Billiard Pool Cue Stick

We’ve also researched a couple more 2-piece pool cues that are super-affordable and are great alternatives to some of the best ones in the market. They are both from the same brand, the popular GSE Games and Sports Expert brand for billiard pool cue.

Let’s start with their 2-piece cue stick made out of hard Canadian maple wood. This 58-inch variety is guaranteed to be durable even for its price point. We aren’t kidding when we say that these affordable cue sticks can give expensive or premium products in the market today a run for their money in terms of quality.

The 2-piece design is also always going to be convenient for either transport or storage so that’s already a huge plus for these pool cues. The cue butts on these sticks are made out of Australian hardwood and it’s got a decal sleeve. 

The high gloss epoxy finish will then reduce or at least prevent any fading or warping further adding to its durability. It then comes with a 12mm multi-layer leather tip that’s glued-on plus top-quality ferrule. The stainless steel joint also has a quick-release mechanism, so you can rather attach or detach it easily and conveniently without any risk of damaging it. 

Lastly, it’s got a nice Irish linen wrap and a black rubber bumper to protect your pool cue stick at all times. 

GSE Games & Sports Expert 58″ 2-Piece Fiberglass Graphite Composite Billiard Pool Cue

The last cue that I am going to mention is the 2-Piece Fiberglass Graphite Composite Billiard Pool Cue Stick variety from GSE Games & Sports Expert. This is another 58-inches model so if hardwood ain’t quite your style, then you have the option to switch to another durable material of choice.

Fiberglass & titanium composite materials are considered high-strength and they are optimized for a lot of sports gears or tools for a lot of good reasons. These 2-piece pool cue in particular have a matte finish and are kept at an ideal weight without compromising their construction quality.

These best cheap house pool cues are meant to last a long while. These billiard sticks are practically warp-resistant and a lot of users can attest to that, just read the reviews of it online and you’ll see that we’re not kidding around.

It comes with a glued-on 12.7 mm leather tip that’s got multi-layers plus a top-quality ferrule much like its hardwood variety. This time, the stainless steel joint is not just convenient but also infused with a lightweight (black) ABS joint collar with trim rings.

That’s not all, these pool cues are also wrapped in Velcro micro-fiber that’s non-slip and guaranteed to be comfortable. The butt part of your pool cue sticks will then be of course protected by a rubber bumper so you won’t damage it easily. 

It comes in 4 colors at 18, 19, 20, and 21 ounces as usual. 

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