8 Cool and Unique Pool Balls for Every Budget 2023

unique and cool pool balls

Although all balls comply with the same function, having some unique pool balls in your collection may be satisfying. It can enhance your room’s aesthetic, or it can serve as a gift for a dear friend who loves to play pool as much as you do.

Standard pool balls may not be the apple of everybody’s eye. Some people like something more aesthetically-pleasing, while others like to explore different options to bring uniqueness to their game.

If you’re ready to toss your current pool ball set and start contemplating different options, here, we’ll list some cool and unique pool balls you can consider adding to your collection at any time.

High-End Pool Balls

Aramith – “Glow in the Dark”

If you’re into neon-like items, perhaps this set of balls can be hugely attractive for you. It’s the perfect companion for a similar table set – or neon-themed parties or get-togethers.

This billiard/pool table kit comes with a complete set (sixteen balls), and the balls are all fluorescent. Aramith is known due to its durability and playability, so this brand has an overall good reputation in the market.

Additionally, the Aramith “Glow in the Dark” kit comes with other accessories, such as rail sign stickers and a reflective cushion tube.

As the name suggests, they work with black light better. However, some of the balls may not glow as much as you expect, especially those without a neon-green color. As for the 8-ball, it is white for obvious reasons. This ball set allows you to play as smoothly as possible.

Although it is considered a high-end unique pool ball set, it can bring you more work than necessary in the long term and may not be appealing for most of your guests if it’s not a themed event, for instance.

As for the durability, the balls are excellent, as most Aramith products are. – See it here

McDermott – “Galaxy Lunar Rocks” Pool Balls

The McDermott brand designed these Galaxy Lunar Rocks especially for the movie “Adventures of Pluto Nash,” with Eddie Murphy in the main role.

Moreover, these pool balls are unique pool balls you won’t regret purchasing. Not only are they good-looking by mimicking that classic “lunar” aesthetic we’re used to seeing in classical movies, but they also are excellent in functionality. Hence, you won’t have any problem playing with them and will enjoy them from the beginning.

Many people find as a drawback the fact that they’re costly, compared to other styles. However, most players are satisfied with the results and have been using them as their main pool ball set for a long time.

Not only do they have the lunar aesthetic, but also that particular texture that gives them a “futuristic” appearance. They meet the pool balls’ standards and have the same size as regular balls (2.25″). Additionally, they have their respective number on both sides. – See it here

Mid-Range Pool Balls

Aramith Stone Collection Pool Ball Set

With this great set, you should expect the usual – high-quality and excellent aesthetic.

The Aramith Stone Collection Pool Ball set excels at complying with what they promise: a set of pool balls with rock-like features, specifically granite. Additionally, they are friction-resistant and will allow you to play the smoothest pool games ever.

Furthermore, Aramith implemented the new “Duromould Plus” technology, which allows the balls to be more resistant than other models found in the market.

Aramith used their well-known phenolic resin to make these cool pool balls. Besides their unique appearance and aesthetic, they have excellent playability. The balls rolls smoothly and they have a great balance.

This set is considered “premium” by most people due to its high-quality, but they’re less expensive than all the models specified above. If you want to add unique pool balls to your collection while acquiring ones you can frequently use with no problems, then you can choose this unique pool ball set. – See it here

Imperial Officially Licensed NFL Ball Set

If you’re both an NFL fan and a pool enthusiast, maybe this customizable pool ball set may come in handy. You can request it to have your favorite NFL team’s logo and are made of A-Grade polyester resin that grants them top-notch durability.

Each ball set contains the home vs. away colors for you to bring your favorite sport to your favorite game. The 8-Ball has a standard appearance, as it is white with a dark circle surrounding the black eight number. The cue ball has the NFL shield logo printed.

According to Imperial, this pool ball set is recommended for recreational purposes mostly. However, you can use it competitively (not in the tournament of course!) without any problems as they have the standard measurements – 2.25 inches in diameter. – See it here

Harley-Davidson Bar & Shield Flames Billiard Ball Set

Fan of Harley? Then you’ll be amazed by this set. There are multiple reasons people would want to purchase this ball set, not only for the aesthetics.

It combines a fantastic appearance – that consists in combination with different colors and the H-D Bar and Shield logo plus accent flames. Moreover, these pool balls have great playability for multiple reasons, including their weight, balance, and roundness.

This ball set not only will provide you with unique aesthetics but also will allow you to have a consistent, and accurate game either for competitive or recreational purposes.

It contains stripes and solid balls, and each one has a high-gloss finish to ensure the highest appearance possible. Another great thing about this set is, it comes with a cue ball.

If you’re a Harley-Davidson fan, perhaps these balls can be an excellent addition to your collection. – See it here

Budget Pool Balls

Collapsar – Deluxe Marble-Swirl Style Pool Ball Set

Collapsar is a well-known brand that makes affordable pool balls. In particular, this set has four variations, each one with a unique look and different approach to the same premise.

For starters, you have the Black Marble with Art Number. This one comes in with a dark theme and swirly design, and the cue ball is entirely white.

The Modern Style is also a great looking set. You’ll see how much they glow once you purchase them!

The next is White Marble. This one changes the art for the numbers and does not look like the black marble option.

Lastly, you have the White Marble with Black Triangle. It has solids and a variety of stripes. Additionally, it has a triangle in the middle of the circle that surrounds each number.

These balls are perfect for fun and recreational gameplay. These pool balls are not as durable as the higher-end options but they tend to last longer than most cheap sets. – See it here

Iszy Billiards – Marble Swirl Style Set

If you liked the marble style sets, this one is also attractive. Each ball has a different color and marble style. Although this may bring a sense of “chaos” to the set, each ball has a unique personality.

This is one of the best options for those with more adjusted budgets – it’s a bit challenging to find great deals for such a low price. Selecting these balls for playing pool with your friends may be an excellent decision.

As for the gameplay, they’re okay for casual games. They roll smoothly, and you can quickly become familiar with the set due to the color variations each ball has. – See it here

 Japer Bees Pool Ball Set

Another unique pool ball set for budget-conscious players is the Japer Bees Pearl Pool Ball Set.

The balls have a pearlescent accent and they look elegant.

Moreover, they’re made of resin ball raw material, allowing you more control over the ball during the game. As for the durability, you can trust these unique pool balls will look as good as new for a long time, even if you use them for long periods.

Japer Bees recommends not purchasing any of these sets if you want regulation billiard balls as these do not possess the same size and weight. Moreover, they advise their clients to purchase them for recreational purposes mostly.

Another plus for Japer Bees is their customer service is fantastic! They reply promptly to any inquiries and issues. They would be happy to help you if you face any issues with their pool balls. – See it here

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