Best Training Cue Ball 2023

Buying the best training cue ball from the options available in the market can get confusing. There are wide varieties of training cue balls in the market to choose from, whether you’re a beginner, a casual player, or a pro. 

The training cue ball would help your practice and training efforts move in the right direction by enhancing your rebound control, improve spin effects, and overall cue ball control.

Whether you’re interested in playing Snookers, Billiards, or Pool, understanding the game and learning its rules is not enough. You need to know the tips and tricks to master the game, and it only comes with practice. 

However, without having the right accessories to practice, you’ll not only lose time and effort but would also drift away from the game with time.

When it comes to training cue balls, it is important to do some research to land on a product that uplifts your game and boosts your skills and confidence. 

In this mini buying guide, we have shortlisted the top five training cue balls in the market today that you can choose from as per your preferences.

1. Aramith Jim Rempe Training Cue Ball

As we all know, Aramith is one of the best pool ball brands out there. Aramith Jim Rempe Training Cue Ball is amongst the most preferred by the casual players as well as professionals. It is made of high-quality phenolic resin, which makes it impact and scratch-resistant.  It measures 2-1/4” in diameter and is specially designed by Jim Rempe, BCA Hall of Fame inducted renowned American Professional Pocket Billiards player.

The ball has two sides marked with rings and targets. One side of the cue ball is designed to help beginner trainee and the other for advanced. 

The players can use pool chalk to judge their aim accuracy as well as specific cue ball controls like sidespin, backspin, topspin, and more.

Aramith Jim Rempe Training Cue Ball is manufactured in tune with the industry standards, keeping playability, durability, and performance in mind. 

However, the only drawback is that the booklet it comes with may seem a bit complex to the novice players, but with time and practice, it would all start to make sense.

2. Loto AAA-Grade Pro Cup Standard

It is one of the few AAA-Grade quality cue balls in the market that is simplistic in design and complies with the standards set by the World Pool-Billiard Association and International Billiards and Snooker Federation. 

The ball has been calibrated and polished using the latest Laser-technology and Vitro-technology, respectively.

For players, who are looking to improve their aim accuracy or enhance their cue control, this cue ball would definitely add to their practice sessions.

 It can last for months without losing its shine and is a perfect round with optimal density. It might not be the best training cue ball to learn breaking with but is certainly a great one to practice shooting or learning to control spin.

3. Aramith 2-1/4” Regulation Size Billiard/Pool Ball

This cue ball by Aramith has a 6-dot design, also known as the “measles” pattern.

It allows the players to watch and judge their control over the cue ball minutely when practicing sidespin, topspin, backspin, and more. Made from high-quality Phenolic resin, it is made to last a long time and is resistant to scratch and high-impact. 

The manufacturers, Aramith, have made sure that the cue ball follows all the industry specifications for roundness, hardness, weight, density, glossiness, and diameter.

The ball comes with the manufacturer’s guarantee of perfect homogeneity, which means perfect rebound control and true roll each time you shoot it. When it comes to cons, there aren’t any that considerably matters. However, it does weigh slightly less than a standard cue ball, which might be an issue for some.

4. Hans Delta Training Practice Billiard Cue Ball

It is a sort of an all-rounder when it comes to the training cue ball as it is durable, playable, and affordable.

 It is useful for all players regardless of their skill levels. One of the key features of this cue ball is the target grids designed on it, which is going to help the players improve their aim and shooting accuracy. 

For players looking to improve their “English,” this is definitely the practice ball worth considering. It comes in the regulation size of 2-1/4”.

It is a high-quality training cue ball in terms of roundness, glossiness, density, weight, and design. If you could call that, the only drawback would be that there is no instruction manual included in the package. It makes the first-time training cue ball buyer a bit confused initially.

5. GSE Games and Sports Expert 2-1/4” Training Cue Ball

Nothing beats this training cue ball when it comes to pricing. It is AAA Grade Certified and manufactured as per the industry standards to ensure perfect specifications in terms of diameter, roundness, polish, design, glossiness, and density. 

It is resistant to scratch and high-impact, which makes it highly durable. It measures 57 +/- 0.15 mm in diameter and nearly 170 grams in weight.

This training cue ball has a 6-spot design, which maximizes the results achieved during practice sessions. The players can practice shooting at the same dot and visualize the spin it achieves.

 Whether you are looking for a simple training cue ball to polish your skills or want to upgrade it to a pro-level, this cue ball would not disappoint you. In case of cons for the GSE Games Billiard Practice Training Pool Cue Ball, the one that needs a mention is that colored dots on the ball may fall off after a few months if your cue stick’s tip is too harsh.

How to Choose a Training Cue Ball


training pool ball

When it comes to buying a training cue ball for practice and improving your skills, there are three key factors you need to consider. These factors are –


The training cue ball is bought and used to improve the players’ performance, accuracy, and various spin effects. The market is filled with various training cue balls with various features, designs, weight, and even slight variations in sizes. 

The features you should look for depends mostly on your skill level as to whether you are a complete beginner, average, or a pro. The 6-dot design featured in GSE Billiard Practice Training Cue Ball, Aramith Super Pro Cup cue Ball, and Lotto AAA-Grade Cue Ball is amongst the most user-friendly due to its simplistic design. 

For general practice, these training cue balls are highly recommended.

Players looking for a simple and neat design to enhance their shooting accuracy and cue ball control should try these “measles” design cue ball. For players looking for a mix of advanced and beginner level features, Aramith Jim Rempe Training Cue Ball is perfect as it has two sides suitable for beginner and pro player, respectively. 

It would not only guide you to be a better player but remain your go-to training cue ball for practice sessions. The size of the cue ball is mostly 2-1/4”, but it does vary slightly from brand to brand. Make sure to ascertain what you want before you pull out your purse.


The training cue balls are subjected to rigorous practice sessions and for long hours. Thus, its durability is of the utmost importance when factoring in the value it offers. 

Most of the training cue balls mentioned in this review are made of high-quality Phenolic resin, which is by default resistant to scratch, high-impact, and general wears and tears. 

However, some of the cue balls are also made of low quality polyester Phenolic resin, and it mostly depends on the brand you’re buying from. Buying an extremely cheap training cue ball would not only prove to be unworthy in the long-term; it just might impact your game-play negatively. 

The cue stick you use to practice makes a lot of difference too, and if it has a hardened tip, it might crack the cue ball much too easily, especially if you’re practicing breaking. Regular players are well aware that none of the cue balls can last forever, but choosing right can definitely ensure you get your money’s worth.


The market is saturated with numerous brands offering training cue balls, but Aramith tops the list in terms of quality and legacy. It also depends on what you’re looking for from the training cue ball.

 If you’re just looking to practice casually, GSE Game and Sports offer some excellent quality training cue balls at low prices. For players who do not mind paying a bit extra for premium quality, Aramith is a go-to brand. Some other brands worth mentioning are Lotto, Felson, and Han’s.


Personal preferences and budget plays the most important role when shopping for anything, and it is no different in the case of training cue balls. Ascertain your needs by asking what do you want to improve in your game-play? 

Are you good with accuracy but lack spin control? Is potting not an issue, but breaking is? Are you looking to play at the pro level to enter tournaments or just want to improve your game to beat your friends on the weekends? 

The answers to these questions would play a major role in deciding what you should go for.

Aramith Jim Rempe Training Cue Ball is our pick because it serves the purpose of improving the game for players of all levels. It has a slightly complex design, so it might take some time to get used to. 

However, it is a highly durable and feature-rich training cue ball that would definitely up your game when used properly. GSE Games and Lotto are other brands you can go for as its simple design is liked by the majority of world players and highly popular among the players. 

Moreover, they are inexpensive, and you won’t need to think twice when clicking on the ‘buy’ button.

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