The Best Pool/Billiard Gloves 2023

Aside from getting a pool cue that fits your game, there are other items that can assist in making your time spent playing the game as comfortable as possible. Pool, or billiards, gloves are one of the best items that you can pick up if you are trying to get more serious with your pool game.

Using a pool glove is a great way to keep yourself comfortable and at peak performance all throughout your game. They are perfect for those who get sweaty hands since the glove offers you a consistent grip and feel all throughout your playtime. Having a consistent and better grip on your cue will keep it from slipping and prevent you from making any mistakes due to a sweaty hand.

The key when searching for the perfect glove for you is finding one that gives a great grip by absorbing the sweat on your hand and preventing slippage, is comfortable to wear, but also offers you smooth strokes every time you step up to play.

Thankfully, we have already compiled five of the very best gloves that are out on the market right now that will help you to up your game and perform consistently in each and every game you play.

Choosing the Right Pool/Billiards Gloves



Of course, whenever you are in the market for a new pool glove the style and design of it will be a big factor in which one you decide to purchase. This all depends on user preference. Some people prefer to have gloves that really stand out and set them apart from other players, while some opt to go for a more subtle look that doesn’t distract them from the game.

In the end, it all depends on what you are looking to get out of your glove in terms of look and design.


Material is something that is very important when choosing out a pool or billiards glove. You want a glove that is comfortable to wear but also absorbs sweat from your hand. Some gloves that are quite comfortable are not the best at absorbing your sweat, and may not stay comfortable for very long as the inside of the glove could feel slimy and moist throughout your game. Finding a glove that can absorb sweat without becoming uncomfortable is key.

Also, keep in mind the other purpose for wearing a glove- you want to absorb the sweat and avoid using powder to get the smoothest stroke possible. A glove that has material that is rough or catches your cue is not one that you want to wear. You want smooth, clean material that allows your cue to glide along its surface flawlessly.

Any glove that does not give you a smooth stroke, no matter how comfortable or how well it absorbs sweat, is not a glove that you should be using! Get a glove that works for you and gives you the best performance, not one that has bad material and works against you.


Finding a glove that fits you perfectly is one of the most important things. If your glove is uncomfortable and bothers you throughout your game then there’s no use wearing it! Get a glove that is the right size for your hand. Not too loose, and not too tight. The better the glove fits your hand, the better you will perform since you’ll feel like you aren’t using a glove at all.


Keep in mind that pool gloves do not last forever. You will want to find a glove that doesn’t get torn up too quickly, one that lasts you a good amount of time and makes the price you paid for it worth it. If you are paying $30 for a glove, then expect it to last much longer than just a couple of months of regular play. This leads us to our next and final point.


Of course, when purchasing any item the price is one of the first things that you weigh your decision on. If the price is too high and the build quality and durability is not very good, then you’re better off skipping that glove and opting for a different one.

For cheaper gloves don’t always expect very high durability. Just as we went over in the list, the cheaper gloves did not last as long as (most) more expensive ones. Just as with many other things, the more expensive a pool glove tends to be, the better quality and more durable it becomes. 

This of course does not apply to every product on the market, as some great gloves are quite inexpensive, but always weigh the cost with what you get out of the glove before buying.

1. KAMUI Billiard Glove – Left Hand

To start off our list we have an offering from KAMUI. This glove is perfect for most players who are looking to get right into purchasing their first pair of pool gloves. KAMUI is a very trusted brand by many professional billiards and pool players, and it is easy to see why with this product.

The glove comes in four different colors. Black is the standard, but red, pink, and blue are also offered. Each glove comes with the standard two-finger and thumb coverings, leaving the pinky and ring fingers bare. Of course, this glove is only produced in a left-handed version, so if you are a left-handed player then this glove will not work for you, sadly.

The glove is made of very comfortable fabric that will eliminate the issue of sweaty hands immediately, and you will notice the difference the first time you play using one. The very good build quality is also a draw to this particular product, coming with an adjustable strap that you can use to get the glove to fit firmly upon your hand, which will give you smooth strokes and feel natural when going through the motions.

The only downsides to this glove are that you must be a bit more careful when taking it off than with other gloves, as some users have reported that hard tugging on the glove can cause small tears along the seam. In spite of this, it is still a very good glove and perfect for anyone who is looking to get one themselves, as every other aspect of the glove is made to be very durable and long-lasting.

Overall, if you pick up the KAMUI glove, expect to get very smooth strokes out of your games, while not having to deal with powder or anything else to remove sweat. 


  • Comfortable fit
  • Absorbs sweat for a smooth stroke
  • Comes in a variety of colors


  • Sizes are a bit small for people with large hands
  • Placement of the seam may be a turnoff for some

2. CUESOUL 10pcs/Set 3 Finger Billiards Gloves Pool Cue Gloves

These CUESOUL gloves may not look like much, but you would be surprised with how cost-effective and functional they are. As the title states, this is not just one glove that you get, but a set of 10 pieces. Already that’s a huge deal, and well worth a buy. But what makes it even better is that these gloves fit both the right and left hands, meaning that anyone can use them.

Coming in four different colors, being black, blue, green and red, the CUESOUL gloves do not try to do anything over the top. They offer you a simple yet effective product which will help to reduce the need for powder or chalk and keep your stroke smooth and steady. That is why it is one of the best billiard gloves today.

Another big benefit to these is the one size fits all aspect. Those with large hands will find these gloves very comfortable to wear, as they won’t grip your hand too tightly but also won’t hang loose and get in the way when you are going for your stroke.

The high-quality spandex that CUESOUL’s offering is made up of is the same material that more expensive gloves consist of, and you get 10 pairs with this set which is amazing! They perform very well, absorbing sweat and keeping your hand dry while not sticking to your cue or causing any other nuisance in the middle of your game.

The durability of the gloves may not be up to snuff when compared to more expensive offerings, but the fact that you get 10 in one box really outweighs any downsides that the glove may have. Seeing as durability is truly the only downside, there is almost no reason not to try these gloves out.

For a very affordable glove that is highly lauded by many, CUESOUL’s offering is a great pick for anyone who wants to have a reliable glove that will keep your hand from getting sweaty, give you a smooth stroke that doesn’t stick, and doesn’t break the bank.


  • 10 gloves in the set
  • Very good feel
  • Affordable with great build-quality


  • Not the most durable, lasting a few weeks to a few months depending on how much you play

3. Anser Unisex Gloves for Billiards

Anser brings some affordable gloves to the table that also packs some great performance along with them. This glove is not only ambidextrous but also made to fit both men and women. As if that weren’t enough, the glove even comes in a whopping seven different colors and designs.

If you want a simple, more traditional glove then you can pick the gray, blue, sky blue, light green, or pink variations of the gloves. But if you prefer a more stylistic glove, then perhaps the leaves or white design is more your style.

The high-quality build of this glove will ensure that you get quite a bit of use out of it before it begins to wear out. The Lycra design is stretchy and breathable, which will give you great shaft movement while absorbing sweat without too much sweat buildup inside of the glove. You may also adjust the glove to fit your hand perfectly via the adjustable Velcro strap located at the wrist. 

This glove is great as it will fit most hands great and offer you a great grip where you can glide your cue right along its intended path without any slips or hitches. The control offered by these gloves is bar none, and the durability is amazing. If you decide to pick up this offering from Anser then expect to get quite a bit of use out of it before it begins to wear out.

One of the only downsides to this glove is the fact that the sizes may be a bit on the small side for people with larger hands, so when purchasing you will most likely need to purchase one size up from your usual.

The fact that the grip on this glove will prevent any hitches or slippage for people whose hands get clammy when playing is already enough reason to test it out. But the added knowledge that it is quite long-lasting for its price range and comes in a wide variety of styles makes it a perfect glove for both experienced and new pool players.


  • Tons of styles to choose from
  • Comfortable fit with adjustable wrist strap
  • Durable, smooth, and affordable


  • Sizes are not exact, so consider purchasing one size up

4. Predator Second Skin Billiard Glove Black and Gray

Predator offers a glove that is loved by many due to the fit and the material that it is made up of. This particular glove does not come in any fancy colors like those previously mentioned. But the simple black design is elegant and stylish without being over the top and distracting.

The quality that this product is made up of is on the same standard as big-name brands, without being overly expensive. Breathable mesh fabric serves to cool off your hand and keep it almost perfectly dry. This prevents any slips or dragging when performing your stroke, and the performance and quality of how well the Predator Second Skin absorbs the sweat on your hand are truly impressive.

As with most of the other gloves offered on this list, the Second Skin also comes with an elastic Velcro strap which will help to keep the glove secure on your hand. The way that this glove fits truly suits its name, as it does almost feel like a second skin.

Predator has built this product, especially with their high end Second-Skin low friction surface, meaning that your cue will glide off of the glove just as it would if you had powdered up your hand. But of course, using this glove will remove the need for powder or chalk completely, and it will almost feel like you aren’t even wearing a glove at all.

The only downsides of this glove are that it shares some of the issues that the previously mentioned KUMAI glove had. The glove may tear a bit if you yank on the fingers too hard to pull it off if the glove is already a snug fit. And again, as with most of these gloves, the sizes that the glove comes in may be a bit smaller than expected, so consider upsizing.


  • Simple, clean design
  • Smooth, soft grip
  • High build quality


  • Durable, but should be removed with care

5. MIFULGOO Unisex Gloves for Billiards

This glove is manufactured by MIFULGOO and can be worn by both men and women, and not only that, but it fits both the right and left hands. This product is very much alike to the previously listed offering by Anser, being made of comfortable Lycra fabric, albeit with a few different features that set it apart.

Once again it comes in a variety of colors, those being black/blue, black/pink, black/gray, and black/sky-blue. Two additional styles are available for those who would prefer a right-hand glove, and these come in silica gel blue and silica gel gray.

These gloves expose the middle finger while keeping the index and thumbs covered fully. This makes for a good feel when going for your stroke, as you will be able to guide the cue and control it all that much more. Those with sweaty hands will rejoice as these gloves will totally absorb the sweat and keep your grip clean and smooth.

With a comfortable adjustable wrist strap and smooth, great feeling fabric, you won’t have any issues using this glove throughout your pool sessions. With the comfort provided and the lack of sweat getting in the way of your stroke, you will be able to perform to the best of your abilities with a smooth stroke each and every time.

And if you ever need to clean it you can toss it right in the washing machine without any worries of it getting stretched, shrunken, or frayed. For any beginner, this is a wonderful choice, both for the price point that it sits at and the quality it brings.


  • Lots of choices for styles
  • Absorbs sweat giving you a smooth stroke
  • Durable, and able to handle the washing machine


  • Breathable but not as much as the choices above
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