The 5 Best Pool Cue Tips 2023

If there’s one thing pool players can agree on, it’s that picking the best pool cue tips can help you win the game.

Pool cue tips help transfer your energy onto the cue ball. As a result, it improves your control, accuracy, and spin to ensure a win in every game.

For most beginners, the cue tip simply forms part of the pool cue – something that you don’t need to spend too much time on. But in reality, cue tips are built differently, and understanding the difference can make or break how you play.

To come up with this list, we had to look into several factors like how the cue tip performs, how it gives the player control, and how it affects the jump.

We also assessed each of their features to ensure how worthy they are to be on this list. Thus, we chose all of these cue tips for their qualities and playability. You can count on that.


If you’re looking for the best pool cue tip for English, the Kamui Clear Black Laminated Pool Billiard Cue Tip instantly comes to mind. With its superior design and performance, no other cue tip comes close. 

This pool cue tip is of vegetable-tanned leather that’s specially-treated to make it humidity-resistant. As such, you know that it offers unmatched durability. 

Aside from durability, the Kamui Clear Black Laminated Pool Billiard Cue Tip guarantees unparalleled performance. It is famous for its super soft variety which offers better sidespin than others. So if you’re pool-playing style involves a lot of English, there’s no doubt that this is the perfect cue tip for you. 

Another notable feature of the Kamui Clear Black Laminated Pool Billiard Cue Tip is its ease of installation. Each cue tip is ready to install, with no need for further sanding. 

The bottom part helps reduce glue absorption, which helps with play consistency. 

So, all things considered, this laminated cue tip from Kamui offers superior playability and control, especially if you love playing English shots. Its super soft tip absorbs much of the shock upon impact, allowing for better accuracy with every shot. 


  • It offers excellent control
  • Easy to install


  • Pricier than others but worth every penny

Another top contender for the best pool cue tips is the Tiger Emerald Laminated Billiard Cue Tips. This cue tip results from years of research and planning, so we had a lot to expect from it. And thankfully, it exceeded our expectations.

This cue tip has a medium hardness that makes it perfect as an all-around pool cue tip. This middle hardness is specially-crafted to offer great sidespin while also being powerful enough for jumps and breaks.

That makes it perfect for more experienced players who want a cue tip that will last them through different stages of the game. 

We must also mention that this cue tip is of recycled pig leather that was layered and laminated to perfection. That makes it an eco-friendly choice that’s also built for durability. You don’t have to worry about it falling off your cue or needing frequent replacements. 

If there’s anything that the Tiger Emerald Laminated Billiard Cue Tips can prove, it’s that it’s the best pool cue tip for draw.

 It guarantees an impressive transfer of energy for better control and is powerful enough for making jumps and breaks. That’s why we highly recommend this for experienced players. 


  • It is designed for improved playability and control
  • Durable


  • Some inconsistencies with their quality control

If you’ve been looking for a cue tip that certainly packs a punch, then look no further than the Bulletproof Break Tips. With its superior power transfer, there’s no doubt that it’s easily one of the best pool cue tips for break. 

The Bulletproof Break Tips are made of a special polymer material that’s more powerful than phenolic tips but offers an excellent leather-like grip. 

As a result, this cue tip is perfect for those who are looking to play with more accuracy. 

Because the Bulletproof Break Tips is classified as a hard cue tip, it gives you the best power transfer for winning breaks and jumps. Staying true to its name, you can make powerful break shots even with less effort on your part. 

This hardened tip is also less likely to break upon impact, so you know it’s built to last you for a long time. 

The Bulletproof Break Tips also has a beautiful crystal tip that also gives your cue a stylish upgrade. With this cue tip, you will also get a boost of confidence. 

So if powerful breaks and jumps are what you’re after, you can’t go wrong with these pool cue tips. The fact that it’s durable and affordable is a bonus. 


  • The cue tip hardness is perfect for precise draws and jumps.
  • Powerful


  • Because it is a hard tip, you need a professional or the proper tools to install it

For those who are looking for a professional-quality cue tip that’s affordable and user-friendly, then what you need are the Cuesoul Cue Tips. With its superior feel and control, easy to shape, there’s no doubt that Cuesoul is great all-around tips.

These pool cue tips are available in packs of five – and can either contain five of the same hardness or five different ones. The former would be perfect for players who have already developed their playing style, while the latter is best for beginners.

And with its decent price tag, you know that it won’t dig a hole in your pocket. 

The Cuesoul Cue Tips are made of baked pig leather, making it excellent at holding chalk. This material is also softer than other cues, making it perfect for English shots. 

If you love making shots while controlling your sidespin, then this is definitely for you. 

Also, these glued-on layered cue tips have an excellent hold over the cue, so you don’t have to worry about it popping off. It can also be easily trimmed for your convenience. 

Nevertheless, It’s also incredibly durable, so you know you’re getting your money’s worth. 

Overall, the Cuesoul Cue Tips is a budget-friendly option for pool players of all ages. If you prefer playing with layered cue tips that offer superior control and feel, then their medium hardness is the best cue tip for English. On the other hand, its hard variety is one of the best cue tips for jump.


  • Easy to shape
  • It chalks well


  • Difficult to glue on but you can use Gorilla SuperGlue for more secure installation

The Elk Master 13mm Pool Billiard Cue Tips is another notable set of pool cue tips. With its eye-catching blue hue and softness, there’s no doubt that these cue tips are the best for creating more cue ball spin and control.

These cue tips are made of a specially-treated leather material, which is why it falls in the soft category. And since it is constructed with a density of 66.8, these super-soft cue tips are good at absorbing impact.

As a result, you can expect superior control when making English shots. Even if you hit it off-center, you still enjoy decent control and precision with every shot. 

We also love that it has a refreshing blue color that makes it easy to spot. 

So all things considered, the Elk Master is quite versatile. It is soft enough to help you control your sidespins and draws while still providing solid hits.


  • Its super soft construction offers excellent cue ball control


  • Not great for breaking

How To Choose the Right Pool Cue Tips


best pool cue tips

These are the features to consider when choosing the right pool cue tips for your needs. In addition to these qualities, your personal preference plays a big part as well when looking for one.

Tip Hardness

Experienced pool players will agree that the first factor you have to consider before buying a cue tip is its softness. The corresponding softness or hardness of the cue tip has a lot to do with how the ball bounces off the tip – and how accurate your shot will be. 

In most cases, pool cue tips are either soft, medium, or hard. And we’ll discuss each of these below. 


Soft cue tips are known for their unparalleled shock-absorption. The softer the tip, the better it is at taking in the effects of the impact, and this translates to better off-center control. 

This means that even if you don’t hit the cue ball at the center, you still don’t have to suffer from a miscue. If you’re a player who prefers tricky English or sidespin shooting techniques, then soft cue tips will be perfect for you. 

Usually, these cue tips are made of leather or synthetic leather material to ensure softness. 

The only downside to soft cue tips is that they are more prone to suffering from dents and being deformed. As a result, they would need frequent maintenance or replacement, which could be quite costly in the long run.


Those who prefer an all-around cue tip would be happy with tips with medium hardness. Medium hardness cue tips offer the best of both worlds, so you can expect a decent amount of accuracy and spin control. Simply put, they are soft enough for a draw but still hard enough for breaks. 

Because of this duality, medium hardness cue tips are best for players who already have a decent sense of how they want to play pool.  


At the other end of the spectrum are hard cue tips. These cue tips are the best at transferring power to the cue ball to help it push all the other balls into the pool table holes. This is why hard cue tips are preferred for breaks and jumps. 

Hard cue tips are usually made from phenolic material, but other manufacturers produce them with a special polymer. This makes them least likely to break or become deformed upon impact. 

Because these cue tips do not absorb the impact, you have to make sure that each shot is centered. Otherwise, hard cue tips will leave you with a game filled with miscues. Thus, hard cue tips are best for experienced and professional players. 


Before you buy cue tips, it’s best to consider its durability first. After all, you don’t want to keep buying new replacements – that will be a waste of money. 

In general, hard cue tips made of phenolic material or polymer are more durable than soft leather ones. Nevertheless, leather-made cue tips with superior lamination are less likely to be deformed and are therefore more durable. 

It also helps to look for cue tips that are humidity-resistant to make sure that they won’t fall apart easily. 

Layered or Non-layered

Another important factor to consider is whether the cue tip is layered or non-layered.

Layered cue tips are those made of several pieces of leather that are stacked on top of each other to form the tip. As a result of this layering, this type of cue tip is capable of holding the shape longer and is, therefore, more durable. In terms of playability, layered cue tips offer consistent control every time. 

On the other hand, non-layered cue tips are made of a solid and single piece of material. Because they are easier to manufacture, these cue tips are generally more affordable. A non-layered cue tip provides a solid hit and this helps improve your accuracy.  


All things considered, the best pool cue tips are those that will help you improve your game. Since each pool cue tip is built differently, you also have to look into several factors such as its hardness, durability, which you have to assess vis-a-vis your playing style. This way, you will be able to find the one that will greatly improve your game. 

Because we understand that different pool players have different needs, we have also picked five items with varying characteristics for you to choose from. We guarantee that each item on this list is carefully picked to match the different skillset of each player. And if you can’t decide which one to buy, our buying guide will help you find your final choice. 

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