Best Pool Cue Tip Repair & Replacement Kits 2023

A dependable pool cue tip is one of the essential factors to win in a pool game. Having the best pool cue tip will help you achieve that speed, accuracy, spin, and shot that you desire.

If you are like me who loves to tweak their pool cues to meet a specific gameplay, it is wise to invest in a pool cue tip repair/replacement kit. This tool is also great for your newly acquired pool cue as you can use it to shape its tip.

In this simple buying guide, I listed down the best pool cue tip replacement or repair kits that you can buy in the market, depending on your needs and we are hopeful that by the end of this, you can decide on what particular repair kit you are going to purchase.

Best Overall: Collapsar Upgrade One-Stop Billiard Pool Cue Tip Shaper All in 1 Tip Repair Tool

The Collapsar Upgrade One-Stop Billiard Cue Tip Shaper All in 1 Tip Repair Tool is one of the most recommended tool kits . Apart from it being a tip replacement tool, the Collapsar Upgrade can also do other forms of repair related to a billiard cue. Sounds interesting, right? This type of repair kit comes with six products combined all in one package for practical and faster use. 

Its main feature is that it can shape and sharpen all types of cue tips. Not only that, because it can also create an attractive texture and appearance that will bring excitement and enjoyment for players. It is also made of metal so you can expect that it will last for a long time.

For handy and experienced pool players, you will find this tool effortless to use. I can’t say the same for beginners because the included instruction booklet is hard to understand. But fortunately, there is a very helpful 7-minute YouTube video that demonstrate how to use this awesome tool. Also, do take note that the Collapsar Upgrade All-in-1 Tool doesn’t come with a glue.


  • The repair kit comes with an extra blade for future purposes.
  • It is actually easy to use.
  • Compact and portable, you can take it anywhere.


  • Instructions booklet is hard to understand.

Tweenten Deluxe Cue Tip Repair Kit

If you are looking for budget-friendly equipment that will make your life easier, then the Tweenten Deluxe Cue Tip Repair Kit is for you. It has been one of the top-selling repair kits in the market for years now, especially in Do-it-Yourself or DIY repairs.

Each kit contains a tip clamp, cue tip sander, scuffer, table spots, felt repair, cement, and backer that can be the purpose for a reasonable and affordable price. Unlike the metal Collapsar Upgrade, the Tweenten Deluxe is made out of plastic, that is why it is cheaper than the Collapsar.

Although it’s enough for its price, users or pool players might want to lessen their expectations for this material because of its quality. But for short-term use, then it’s a must-have tool. 

Its vintage look is also attractive and quite popular among older pool players. Another great thing about the Tweenten Deluxe Cue Repair Kit is it has a clear step by step guide on how to use it. So, it makes this tool beginner-friendly. Ha! Take that Collapsar!

All in all, if you are looking for an easy and affordable way to re-tip, you can choose this one instead of the higher-priced Collapsar Upgrade.


  • Easy to use.
  • Affordable.
  • Vintage look.


  • It is mostly made of plastic materials.

Cuppa Billiards Pool Cue Tip Repair Tool

The Cuppa Billiards Pool Cue Tip Repair Tool is one of the most user-friendly repair tools designed, especially for newbie pool players. It is an All in 1 product that is great for sharpening and scuffing the pool cue tip. The tool itself is made of rubber and plastic alloy material that is durable, anti-slip, and handy. Compared to other products that weigh on them, this one can fit into your pocket and bring anywhere.

Are you worried if this thing might be complicated? Well, there’s no because it can easily shape cue tips according to what position or design the player wants it to be. Its distinct but straightforward features make it a great competitor among other cue tip repair.

It is proven that Cuppa Billards, the maker, and manufacturer of this professional product, is a leading company, particularly for billiards purposes. It has been circulating and operational decades ago, making it one of the top pool brands in the world.


  • Multi-functional and can be used for various purpose
  • Portable to carry 


  • The burnisher is not that useful

Collapsar Pool Cue Tip Repair Tool 5-in-1 Billiard Accessories Shaper/Scuffer/Aerator/Burnisher/Radius Gauge

If your budget won’t permit you to get the Collapsar Upgrade All in One Repair Tool, you might choose its little brother, the Collapsar Pool Cue Tip Repair Tool 5-in-1.

It is convenient and lightweight, wherein you can carry it whenever or wherever you want to go. You can put it in the pocket of your pants, and it is made of aluminum. It is sharp and an easy to use tool that beginners will surely love. The cutter is fairly sharp and it will help you to shape your cue tips clean and quickly.

However, compared to the Collapsar Upgrade All in One Repair Tool, the Collapsar Pool Cue Tip Repair Tool 5-in-1 can only do some basic shaping and scuffing. If you want to fully utilize your tips and replacing tips frequently, I suggest to get the Collapsar Upgrade All in One Repair Tool.

But if you compared it to other replacement/repair kits with the same price range, this Collapsar 5-in-1 tool is hard to beat.


  • Lightweight and durable
  • Affordable 5-in-1 tool


  • Experienced pool players might find this tool lacking in some department

EastPoint Sports Deluxe Table and Cue Tip Repair Kit

This cue tip repair kit is affordable and it comes with other accessories as well. From the pool cue tip down to the pool table, they got you covered.

Actual items include the sandpaper, cement, clamp, and replacement leather tip with two sizes: mainly the 12mm and the 13mm. Not only that, because it also contains table spots to protect your table cloth and 4 decent quality chalks. Speaking of chalk, the chalks included is actually useful and loved by many.

However, the included tips and glue are not that great. The glue doesn’t hold really well and I can say that it is a low-quality glue. Better to use a Gorilla Glue Gel because of its stronger hold. The included clamp is decent and useful though.

This repair kit is actually good if you have cheaper pool cues and tables as it is meant to use for these kinds of products. If you are looking for a higher-quality repair kit, I can’t recommend the Eastpoint Sports Deluxe Table and Cue Tip Repair Kit. It is better to spend on something more useful like Collapsar 5-in-1 or the Tweenten Deluxe. Or better yet, if you have a bigger budget the Collapsar Upgrade is a nice thing to have in your cue case.


  • Can do basic replacements
  • The chalks are useful


  • The included glue is almost useless


Mizerak Complete Pool Cue Repair Kit

The Mizerak Complete Cue Repair Kit is one of the best budget-friendly repair kit we can recommend to all pool players that need a quick repair for their cue tips. Unlike other equipment that is expensive and complicated, Mizerak can offer an affordable price but can compete with other basic cue repair kits.

Each package comes with a cue clamp, tip trimmer, six 13mm tips, sandpaper holder, a 10 gm bottle of tip cement, and two chalks. 

If you do not want the best and whistles of Collapsar Upgrade and Tweenten Deluxe, then this repair kit might be for you. This is an affordable basic repair kit and it is good enough for players that are looking for a quick tip repair or replacement. It does have some caveat though. First, the cue clamp (the one that will hold the replacement tip) barely fits any thicker pool cues. Another not so good thing about the Mizerak Complete Pool Cue Repair Kit is the included cement. It barely holds! Better use the highly recommended Gorilla Glue to keep your tip from falling while playing. Ouch!!

So basically, if you are looking for an affordable and basic repair kit, Mizerak can be one of your options.


  • Cheap price tag.
  • Easy to use.
  • Can do a decent job replacing tips.


  • The included clamp can’t fit thicker pool cues.

Sterling Gaming Pool Cue & Home Table Repair

The Sterling Gaming Pool Cue & Home Table Repair is another affordable and basic tool to repair or shape your cue tips. Although it’s pretty outdated from other competitors, it still has a distinctive feature that makes it kinda unique.

Each kit includes four ferrules, leather cue tip, tip clamp, scuffer, slippery papers, sander spots, and cue bumpers. Also, it is equipped with a cue shaft, chalk, and tiger glue, wherein all of it weighs about 1 pound. Suitable for handy use, I can say.

If you are kind of struggling on a low budget but need a quick solution to your cue tip problem, this tool can help you. Although it cannot be for long-term use, unlike other repair brands, with proper instruction and practice, you save money and effort with this tool.


  • Good starter kit for pool players


  • It’s pretty outdated

How To Use a Pool Cue Tip Repair/Replacement kit

In using a pool replacement or repair kit, you need to ensure that you have the following tools. Each repair/replacement kit may include the following items:

  • Razorblade
  • Trimmer
  • Sander
  • Scuffer
  • Clamp
  • Burnisher
  • Shaper 

On the other hand, some repair kits include glue, sandpaper, and chalk.


After preparing all the needed materials in one place, you can now remove the pool cue tip that needs to be replaced. 

1. In this method, you need to use a razor blade. Extra care should always be applied, especially when using sharp objects. The main goal is to get closer to the ferrule.

2. Once you are done, you need to clean and wipe the ferrule’s top using the sander. You have to put it on top of the ferrule and rotate it until you see the glue and other dirt come off. Remember that you should do it slowly so as not to damage the pool cue tip. 

3. After this, get your sandpaper and begin roughing the cue tip until you achieve a flat surface. You need to ensure that this process is done correctly.

4. When it’s done, wipe all the dirt and ensure that it is cleaned. Apply the adhesive onto the ferrule. You can put a rubber band on the center to ensure that it will be placed appropriately.

5. When you see that it is all dry, you can shape the tip on your desire. You can use the sander in shaping it properly. Do it carefully by sanding it down from the end until the ferrule.

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