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TL;DR – These are the Best Cue Cases of 2022

1X1 Cases
2×2 Cases
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Lucasi Tournament Pro 4×8 Pool Cue Case
ASKA Hard 4×8 Pool Cue Case

After investing whether in your own beginners cue stick or a high-quality pool cuethen we must do what we can to keep it safe from any damage. Whether it’d be for storage or transport it’s important that we only buy the best pool cue case available for utmost protection.

These pool cue cases, lucky for us, are pretty affordable but still offer maximum protection for our cue sticks. Well, not all but we’ve researched and reviewed a wide array of products so you may find the best possible cue case for your needs.

A pretty small investment that will yield a ton of benefits for your game and pocket. Read on!

Best 1X1 Pool Cue Cases

Casemaster Q-Vault Supreme Billiard/Pool Cue Hard Case

Naturally, some of the most affordable pool cue cases would belong in the 1×1 category and yes, the first one on our best pool cue cases review is affordable but also yes, it is quite reliable. We’re talking about the Casemaster Q-Vault Supreme Billiard/Pool Cue Hard Case.

Dollar for dollar this is one of the best pool cue cases for the money and this case is quite durable. Given the hard casing, this will offer superb protection to your pool cue. It is then wrapped up with a leatherette exterior to provide much-needed and additional protection from environmental damage.

The cues are then safely cushioned in the interior with a soft lining. And this cue case has a large enough pocket to fit in all of your additional billiard essentials such as extra tips, chalks, or a shaper. And it’s got a convenient carrying strap to boot.

Rest assured that your pool cue is protected inside against any types of damages, dents, or scratches. And then it is wrapped up nicely with a heavy-duty shell for impact absorption. You will then have multiple color options to choose from to suit your style.  

The strap is adjustable and this is one of the most budget-friendly 1×1 hard cases in the market today and from a trusted brand to boot. 

Iszy Billiards Store 1×1 Hard Pool Cue Billiard Stick Carrying Case

Speaking of affordable choices in the market today, this Iszy Billiards Store 1×1 Hard Pool Cue Billiard Stick Carrying Case is going to give top contenders a run for their money in terms of quality and dollar for dollar value for money.

First of all, the brand is indeed known across the pool community as a manufacturer of affordable yet reliable products, and this hard pool cue case is no exception. No doubt about it, its hard shell will give plenty of protection against all sorts of potential damages.

The design is more simple than the Casemaster Q-Vault and they also have several color options to choose from.

The vinyl wrapping then adds a certain layer of comfort to this hard case. It’s got an adjustable shoulder strap and a zipper pocket for all of your other pool essentials. It’s also lengthy enough at 31 ¼ inches to accommodate longer cues and its high-impact absorption is suitable for long trips and can definitely take on some wear and tear. 

Remember, it’s not the most durable option but it is great for beginners that don’t want to invest a lot of money in a premium case just yet. 

Casemaster by GLD Products Deluxe Billiard/Pool Cue Hard Case

The Casemaster by GLD Products Deluxe Billiard/Pool Cue Hard Case does not only offer superb protection from the outside but offers security on the inside. This hard case also looks really sleek with its black exterior and red layered interior

The same as always with all Casemaster products, it’s got a double leatherette exterior layer to protect your cue sticks from any damages from a multitude of elements. 

Your cues will stay dry, warp-free, and dent-free as long as it is inside this cue case. It is also infused with a hard resin shell plus soft lining on the inside to keep your cue sticks strapped in nicely and securely while eliminating any risk of damages due to untoward bumps along the road.

It’s also quite easy to carry with its handle and should we say classy. It’s definitely built tough and built to last. The only problem with this design is that it’s got no pockets or other compartments at all. That’s because of its almost box-like case structure so you won’t have room for any other accessories in it. 

Best 2X2 Pool Cue Cases

GSE Games & Sports Expert 2×2 Deluxe Hard Billiard Pool Cue Stick Carrying Case

Another reliable hard pool cue case manufacturer on our list is GSE Games & Sports Expert and they enter our list with their own 2×2 deluxe hard case. 

This hard case is also wrapped around a premium quality vinyl layer and its overall lengths can handle 2 shafts and 2 butts that go for 58 inches. It’s got a pretty hard exterior that will make sure to protect your pool cues from bumps or scratches that will surely damage it.

It’s got a soft handle and an adjustable strap for carrying it conveniently and it’s probably got the most number of choices when it comes to color and design. The designs are unisex and it looks really professional almost like that of leather cases. 

It’s got divider tubes that will not allow your pool cue sticks to touch each other plus the soft lining or cushion ensures that they won’t get dented for any reason during transport or storage. It also features two zippered pockets to make sure that all of your billiard essentials are with you at all times.

It’s relatively lightweight, easy to carry, low-maintenance, and even if you drop it accidentally your pool cues are safe inside. Perfect for long road trips or flights as well. 

Iszy Billiards Store 2×2 Hard Pool Cue Billiard Stick Carrying Case

Even beginners need more than just one pool cues at the same time and if you think you do, you’d be better off with a 2×2 pool cue case and in that case, pun intended, we present another affordable yet reliable option from Iszy Billiards Store, with their 2×2 Hard Pool Cue Billiard Stick Carrying Case.

As you might’ve noticed we are huge fans of hard cases and that’s not surprising given the protection that it offers at such an affordable rate. That’s actually true across a lot of brands. 

This particular product that comes in blue and hot pink colorways can hold 2 of your cue butts and shafts. It’s got premium vinyl coverings that should wrap around your cue sticks nicely and has an adjustable strap to carry it around rather conveniently. 

Your 2 pool cues will be divided completely and will not bump into each other which would lead to some damage. Also, this pool cue case comes with a large pocket that will accommodate the rest of your essentials.

It’s the perfect 2×2 hard case that’s not only affordable but also quite durable. It can improve aesthetically though as it looks really ordinary. 

Best 2X4 Pool Cue Cases

Gator 2020 New J& J In-stroke Leather 2×4 Cue Cases

If you have a few more bucks to spare for a good-looking cue case then try to grab one of these sleek Gator 2020 New J& J In-stroke Leather 2×4 Cue Cases.

These leather cases look really professional and will get you that respect as soon as you step into a tournament or a billiard hall. Comes in a gray and black&brown colorway this good-quality leather pool cue case is guaranteed to be durable and we’ll go as far as saying that it’s got the potential to last for a lot of years.

It’s got individually lined tubes for each of your cue butts and shafts and the interior is not just looking good but offers the right amount of cushion to protect your cue sticks. 

It’s got handles on the sides and the top (a wide strap) so there’s more than one way to carry it. You will then have a large pocket to put in all of your accessories. The butts and shafts that will be accommodated are up to 32 inches. And it is lightweight at 5.5 pounds. 

This one looks really nice and can offer as much protection as hard cases do to keep your pool cues safe.

Billiard Depot 2×4 Hard Pool Carrying Cue Case with Stand

If you’re needing 2×4 pool cue cases then it looks like you are a bit serious when it comes to the game. So naturally, you’d need upgraded products in terms of quality. 

Another well-known brand across the pool community, this 2×4 hard cue case by Billiard Depot has got what it takes to protect 2 butts and 4 shafts at the same time. The brand’s 2×4 variety comes in a heavy-duty vinly covering with hard plastic interior. It has springs on each holes to protect your cues from hitting the hard surface.

It does not only have an adjustable strap but also a nice handle. It looks sleek and professional so no one will underestimate you as you step on that billiard hall or tournament.

The pockets are non-removable and big enough to carry your pool accessories. If you are looking for an affordable 2×4 case, then this Billiard Depot 2×4 Hard Pool Carrying Cue Case with Stand might be for you.

Best 3×5 Pool Cue Cases

Outlaw Cue Cases 3×5 Hard Stitched Ladies and Flames

All right, let’s move on with the 3×5 pool cue case this time. Starting with the Outlaw Cue Cases 3×5 Hard Stitched Ladies and Flames. At this point, things are really serious, and that you need cases that you can take with you in tournaments or long trips, so we prepared a couple that would be worthy investments.

This one is built to last and built really tough. Sure, it is more expensive than the Billiard Depot pool cue case above, but this one is really beautiful inside and out.

It has two accessory pockets, one is 16 inches long and the other one is 6 inches long with mesh and key chain holder.


It’s got a pretty distinctive design and that’s not just all for aesthetics purposes but this hard pool cue case is tough and can take on the wear and tear of constant use and transport. The shell covering itself is guaranteed strong and offer the best possible protection there is for your pool cues.

It’s got a shoulder strap and a two carrying handles. Another great thing about the Outlaw Cue Case is you can store your shafts and butts in either directions.

It’s got poured rubber molding casing. Although it is heavier than the other lower-end 3×5 cases, mostly because of its construction and added protection.

Billiard Depot 3×5 Pro 3B5S Combo Cue Case

Next is the Billiard Depot 3×5 Pro 3B5S Combo Cue Case. This is another case from Billiard Depot with a great value.

The spring-loaded bottom are actually the highlight of this cue case and it’s exactly this technology that will protect your cue sticks at all times. The shafts and butts are in different sections but they are easy to get and to store.

We are also quite impressed with how well it is stitched and that just adds to its overall durability. The cue case is then covered with a leatherette layer so it will be protected at all times from any debris when you travel.

In terms of pockets, it has 3 with different sizes. A small pocket for things like tips or chalks, a large pocket for towel, handkerchief or a scarf and a side pocket to store an extra jump cue. Its side handle is well-made, although it has no top handle.

This is another high-quality product and a best budget 3×5 pool cue case.  

Best 4×8 Pool Cue Cases

Lucasi Tournament Pro 4×8 Pool Cue Case

If you are looking for a professional-quality and reliable 4×8 case, then LUCASI Tournament Pro 4×8 Pool Cue Case is pretty hard to beat. This hard pool cue case looks really sleek and is meant for serious players.

It’s got a lot of extra rooms for all of your essentials. There are exterior pockets, interior pockets, side pockets, and even tiny pockets. It also has a keychain holder which is very convenient. I can confidently say that this is the perfect choice if you have break cues, carbon fiber pool cues, mid-range cues and high-end pool cues.

It comes in either black or multi-colored (white, tan, black) design that’s meant to look for the serious pool player. Cleaning it takes minimal effort and you can wipe off dirt easily.

The Lucasi Tournament Pro is pretty tough due to its solid construction.  It’s got 2 sleeves for either extensions or jump handles, comes with an adjustable strap plus a nice handle so you can carry it around easily. 

Overall, it is a good-looking, affordable yet premium quality 4×8 pool cue case.

ASKA Hard 4×8 Pool Cue Case


This oval-shaped hard pool cue case is characterized by black colored design with snake-like aesthetics. It’s got hard foamed tubes but soft felt that’s a perfect combination to keep your pool cue sticks intact and safe from any harm at all times.

Your pool cue sticks can then be inserted in any direction you want. It can then accommodate pool cues of 31 inches in length. The ASKA Hard 4×8 Pool Cue Case got an adjustable strap and the case is made out of high-quality vinyl that is meant to last for a long time.

It can offer enough protection for your cues and it’s got a long 16-inches accessory pocket and two compartments with a zipper lock which is a dedicated space for a jump cue. 

What makes this hard cue case stand out is that it comes with a stand and hard bottom with four legs. That means that, unlike other cases, it does not need to lie flat on the floor or a surface to put it on. It can stand on its own which to us is pretty convenient on a lot of occasions. 

Types of Cue Cases

There are a few types of cue cases to choose from depending on your needs. And this is a consideration that you need to do so apart from its size.

Hard Cases


Hard pool cue cases are by far the most popular of them all. Hard cases are the top choices for a lot of delicate equipment not just in sports but also specifically for music. Sports and music equipment or instruments are not only delicate but they are quite expensive so when you’re going on some form of a trip, then you’d need optimum protection for them.

That’s just the same with your pool cues. Hard cases don’t only offer the highest level of protection through high-impact tubes but also keeps your pool cue in place from tip to tip. These cases guarantee protection from dents that may then cause warping and all sorts of damages. Your pool cue components inside of it will also be well-organized. 

When going for long or faraway trips hard cases are ideal. Will it be kept at the trunk of your car for that road trip? Or will it be check-in baggage on the airplane? Go get a hard pool cue case for those situations. It’s also quite suitable for carrying as it won’t be that heavy and it comes in varying sizes too.

Just be wary of limitations to how much pool cue sticks a certain hard case can accommodate. They may feature external pockets or other convenient compartments too.

Soft Cases

Soft cases generally has less protection than hard cases. But it doesn’t necessarily mean that they are worthless. The have some sort of paddings inside and you can store your shafts and cues in different sections. They are also convenient for short trips or maybe if you’re just going to the local pool hall. That is because soft cases are easy to carry and relatively lightweight. They are also quite affordable. 

Box Cases

Box cases are those good-looking classic cases that you often see around or in the movies. They are briefcase-style cases that mostly have latch-style fasteners to secure your pool cues inside. They are quite secure and will offer additional security with combination locks.

They can be quite heavy though or hefty to carry around. Suitable for traveling as well and has a professional feel to it. 


Although, not as popular as soft and hard cases, leather cases offer more or less the same protection as them.

As you might expect, leather pool cue cases are expensive, heavy and would be considered a luxury buy but to be honest, would have a little added benefit to it. It’s fancy, it’s tough, and offers a decent level of protection with lots of pockets or compartments but do take note that they can be tough to maintain too. But at your own risk and if you have some cash to spend. 

How to Choose the Right Case

Here are some of the aspects that you will need to consider before purchasing your next pool cue case.


A pretty obvious aspect to consider when you buy a bag or container would be its size. As you’ve in our reviews, we already categorized the pool cue cases by size for your convenience. 

But for those who don’t know what 3×5 means then that simply means that the pool cue case can accommodate 3 butts and 5 shaft tubes. 

Your choice of pool cue case would then be naturally more expensive the more pool cues it can accommodate. If you’re just a beginner then it would be practical to just go for a 1×1 pool cue case. Professionals will then have larger ones for obvious reasons. 


You probably won’t care much about the material that the pool cue case will be made of at first but as you grow as a pool player then you’ll little by little notice significant difference between them. That’s because you’ll be needing more from your pool cue case.

Hard plastic, vinyl, leather, and even wood are mostly the materials used for pool cue cases. They will all have unique pros and cons and will differ in pricing. So first, consider your budget, and then next consider the maintenance level the material would require.

Plastic is durable but less flexible and can be quite heavy but easy to maintain. Rubber is also durable and protects your pool cues through impact absorption, very flexible too, and can be lightweight. Both are affordable choices. Leather is expensive and is harder to maintain but will last for a very long time. It does not offer the same level of protection as the first two though. Leather though looks really fancy as well. 



You need to make sure that your pool cue case will have all the pockets and compartments that you’d need. It can be an all-around carrying bag for you so you can have that peace of mind that you have everything that you’d need all in the same container. Chalks, additional tips, tip replacement kit, and any other essentials should all be in one place. 

Also consider straps, keychain holders, grips, or handles that would add additional convenience to your pool cue case of choice. 


If the exterior is meant to offer protection then the interior of a pool cue case should then make sure that everything will be intact. It’s important that the parts of your pool cue are organized inside and will not be in a mixed bag of mess. You may want to choose a case that lets you grab or store your cues easily.

Everything should be secured and strapped in place so no unnecessary damages to them would happen during a trip. 

Final Thoughts

These best pool cue cases that we’ve listed for you are tough, durable, versatile, and easy to utilize and surely these qualities make them worthy investments overall. You can never go wrong with whatever product you choose and it will just depend on your needs.

We highly advise that you get a good quality case for your pool cue for we know that these cue sticks don’t come cheap. And, they not only help elevate your game but let us enjoy it more thus furthering our experience with the sport. 

So play the game the right way, protect your investment, and of course, don’t forget to enjoy!

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