5 Best Pool Ball Racks 2023 – Wood, Plastic or Metal?

Racking the pool balls before a game is not something people give much thought to. But, its importance should not be overlooked.

Having a loose rack will cause the break to suffer and also your overall game. Wrong ball placement during a weak break can offer a cluster of easy shots to your opponent.

It is the reason why it is important to learn how to rack correctly and to use the right pool ball rack for tight and consistent racks. You will be surprised at how a tight and nice rack will improve your game and overall experience. If you are in the market for the best pool ball rack, here is a list of the top choices for you to choose from. 

1. Magic Ball Rack 8, 9 and 10 Combo Pack

This set comes with an 8 ball rack and a 9/10 ball rack. Made of thin and lightweight Grade-A plastic cut into a diamond shape, the balls are to be placed inside it to form the perfect rack of balls. The extremely thin rack is engineered to ensure that the balls are in place before the break, and there is no interference when the balls rollover. It provides the best possible break every time to get the best spread. 

Racking the balls is easy with this Magic Ball Rack and it consistently delivers the right rack every time. The thin plastic does not affect the balls’ path and does not cause the ball to change its course, irrespective of whether the cue ball rolls in slowly or fast. Another useful feature of this pool ball rack is that it protects your table from wearing out. Most people would notice white lines on the table where they place their racks. With Magic Rack, there is no need to slide the ball to create the perfect right rack. 

When you start out, you might take a few more seconds to rack the balls in this new racking style, but the consistency you get every time is what makes it worthy of effort. The Magic Ball is designed to create a tight rack using 2 1/4 inch pool balls and might not accommodate 2 1/8 inch balls perfectly.  

2. Accu-Rack Outsville Billiards Template Set

This Accu-Rack Outsville Billiards Template Set comes with a total of 5 templates Solo, Diamond 9, and Pro 10, along with a 3 ball template and Shark Skin Table Saver Break Circles. The system features a cloth rack with geometrical holes in them to ensure that the balls sit snugly on their spot, and any spaces between them are automatically eliminated. 

There is no need for a new felt installation on the table for it to stick on to. The template is made of high-quality polyester slurry coated material that allows you to create a perfect rack every time and get a great consistency to your breaks. The thin material ensures that it does not interfere with the natural path of the balls or force the balls to slow down. However, one has to be careful when cleaning the template as it can lose its shape and orientation if proper instructions are not followed.

These racks are widely used by pros and major championships such as the US Open, the 2019 DCC Bigfoot, 2018 International Big Foot, 2017 US Open 9-Ball Championships, and others. You do not have to worry about creasing the Accu-Rack Outsville Billiards Template Set as it easily rolls up nicely to fit inside the long pocket of the cue case, making it easy for transportation.

3. GSE Games & Sports Pool Ball Racks

This set comes with one 8-ball triangle rack and another 9-ball diamond pool ball rack. The racks are made of 2 tones solid wood that makes it tough, sturdy, and ultra-durable. Compared to other wooden ball racks, these racks are much lighter, making it easy to use. The wood design also makes the look high-end and is highly desirable for home pool tables or pub pool tables to match the wooden pool tables. It is perfect for standard 2 1/4 pool balls and allows a decent close rack.   

This lightweight rack is very smooth and very easy to be put on the table. The rack holds the balls firmly and creates a tight rack without leaving any gap. It can even hold damaged balls that are unbalanced. The smooth surface of the wood and rounded corners ensures easy sliding and does not leave marks on the felt of the pool table. Thus, you do not have to worry about your pool felt becoming stained with marks even if you are playing pool daily.  

Even though the rack is solid, they often get rusted over a period of time if not properly taken care of. Thus, if you are purchasing this set, make sure that you store them in a dry place to prevent the wood to wear down over period. 

4. Delta-13 Select Metal Pool Ball Rack

Delta-13 is known for its ‘True Triangle’ ball formation rack. This rack is designed and created using measurement by Coordinate Measuring Machine, or C.M.M that makes it the tightest and the most precise triangle for racking. The precisely engineered racks make for consistent racking and explosive breaks. 

The rack is made of high-quality aluminum, which is brittle proof and very sturdy. The perfect triangle makes it easy to place it over the pool table. The ergonomic design of the rack, along with its smooth bevelled edges, makes it is functional and also pleasing to the eyes. The perfect edges also reduce ball disturbance once the rack is lifted from the table. These racks are commonly used in professional tournaments and are endorsed by some of the top pool players. The racks come with a lifetime guarantee and are designed to eliminate pool felt wear.

Even though Delta-13 Select Metal Pool Ball Rack is extremely good, its high cost might not be suitable for all. If money is no concern, this is one of the best pool ball racks that you can find in the market.

5. Viper Wood Ball Rack

The Viper Wooden Ball Rack is made of natural hardwood that makes it quite durable and stylish. It is well made and has a smooth finish that will last you a very long time. This one is made for 9-Ball pool. The diamond-shaped rack can easily hold 2 1/4 pool balls to create the perfect racking without leaving any space between them.  

The rack makes tighter rack on standard-sized pool balls that leads to better games. The diamond shape makes it easier to rack the balls compared to triangles. The reinforced hardwood round edges allow you to slide the rack easily without causing wear and tear to the pool table. The attractive light wood color makes it a great addition to your games room. 

It comes at an affordable price, but a number of buyers have complained of its sides coming off after a few months use which can be disappointing.

How to Choose a Pool Ball Rack?


The break is the most important shot in your pool game, and a good pool ball rack can make all the difference. But before you go about making a purchasing decision, here are some factors that you need to keep in mind. 


Pool ball racks come in various designs, and the market is filled with various options. When shopping for a rack, it is important to consider the dimensions and the size of the rack. It should provide you the space you need to play. Another feature to look into if you are purchasing wooden or metal racks is the rack’s corners. 

These racks come with rounded, circular, or flat corners. Circular edges will ensure that the balls glide smoothly over the pool cloth and do not damage it. 


Racking the balls consistently is essential for any pool game. It ensures that the opening break is ‘never easy.’ It is one of the best defenses in the game. Irrespective of the type of rack you are using, you need to ensure that you are able to create the tightest rack possible without any gaps. 

Even though wooden and metal racks help you get a tight rack, there is always a chance that the balls might get displaced when you remove the rack. According to the game rules, you cannot touch the balls once the rack is removed from the table. Thus, it is important to eliminate any loose racks and keep them all together. Plastic racks are a great alternative as they are placed flat on the table and eliminate loose racks. 

Plastic, Metal or Wooden Racks

Pool ball racks are made of a variety of material choices, and the most common ones are wood, metal, or plastic. 

The rack’s material not only determines its sturdiness but also determines how long the felt of the pool table will last. Lightweight plastic materials are less sturdy, but they do not cause any wear and tear to the pool table’s felt. They also make tight rack and come at affordable prices. They are also much easier to carry as they can be folded and carried in a case. 

Wooden racks are of high quality, quite sturdy, and offer a warm and traditional feel. They will last a lifetime when used with care. However, its rough angles can cause wear and tear to your pool cloth over a period of time. Similarly, metal racks are visually appealing and are robust. But, they have the tendency to damage the felt easily. 


In the end, it all depends on your personal choice. Apart from the right technique, having the right equipment is always a bonus. You should pick the best rack depending on your game room’s look and feel, how you want to use it, and your budget. Another important consideration should be how sturdy the rack is as they will offer more protection to your pool balls.

Among the different pool ball track, Magic Ball Rack is our top pick because of its revolutionary design and affordable prices. It provides the right and consistent rack every single time. The best feature of it is that it offers absolutely no wear and tear to the pool cloth. Whether you are an amateur or a pro, the aerospace precision design will give you the powerful break you need to improve your game’s quality. But, again, it all comes to what you personally prefer and what your budget allows.

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